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ZOMG We Have a Sectional!

A month or so ago I posted a list off all the #firstworldproblems I was having, several of which had to do with plans for our new home. While progress has been slow on turning this house into a home, we have made significant steps, which I thought I’d share with ya’ll. Houses and decorating might not be quite as exciting as riding, but right now I’m really enjoying another project I can tackle with enthusiasm. So without further ado…

Living Room Progress

Tada! The room we’ve made the most progress in to date is the living room. Sam and I spend a majority of our time here, so this is the room I want to spend the most time on. I really want to get it just right for us. In case you’re keeping a tally, here’s what we’ve accomplished so far:

  • New Paint
  • New Bar Stools
  • New Sectional
  • New Bamboo Blinds
  • New Curtains
  • Upcycled Curtain Rods
  • New Area Rug
Family room into Kitchen
It’s really hard to take good pictures of stationary objects…

It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it sure feels like a completely different space now… and much closer to my mood board! If you recall I was having fits over receiving our sectional (which took almost 2 full months to be delivered), but in the end I’m glad we waited it out. I was SOCLOSE to cancelling the order out of spite, but it’s really everything I wanted in a price we could swallow. Next up is recovering the pillows, a new entertainment center and some wall decor.

Family Room Moved in to Progress

Lest you think that’s all I’ve done in the last three months of home ownership, I thought I’d share a few other pictures. The entire first floor has been repainted by yours truly (and my wonderful family!), with the exception of the two-story foyer which we contracted out. Ain’t no way I was climbing all the way up there to cut in the ceiling! My mom even made us a new cover for our entryway table to go with the house’s color scheme.


We also have all new drapery in every room, thanks to my amazing mother. Sheย made us the biggest set of custom roman shades ever for our breakfast nook and saved us a boatload of money in the process. Thanks mom!!ย We also recovered the seat cushions of our kitchen table and I organized our pantry with labels because I’m totally that girl. In the kitchen, I’m looking forward to creating a family command center and getting a few more touches of wall art.

Kitchen Breakfast Nook

Finally we bought a dining room table to go with our awesome new paint job and stellar curtains. A cornice board is in the works for this room as well, and I think one of the corners is screaming for a little bar cart. Because nothing says “we’re cool hipsters” like liquor in your formal dining space.

Dining room progress


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18 thoughts to “ZOMG We Have a Sectional!”

  1. Curtains are so expensive! I have the fabric to make some but no motivation. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I need to do more house posts since it is the other half of my hobbies. Things have come along great in your place!

  2. That sectional looks so comfy and it’s perfect with the rug and room scale. Also you are super lucky to have your mom make this roman shades! I’m uber jealous.

  3. So my hubby has a sectional that I can’t stand. I wish I had one more like yours. And P.S. The old color of your family room is almost the EXACT color of my stepson’s bedroom. He’s at college now and the good news is I have my former roommate from my single days living with us for a few months. She moved into his room and just painted the room a gorgeous blue and I’m so glad to be rid of the intense color. I feel your pain and triumphs on the journey to making a house a home. ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats!

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