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Printable Pony Cover Photo

Your Opinion Needed!

The Printable Pony opened in November 2014, based around creating a downloadable Horse Binder for equestrians to keep their horses’ records organized in one place. Several bloggers helped me develop the binder, and a few even did reviews. Since then, I’ve added two patterns (one crochet and one sewing) to my store, both of which have been very successful. Along the way I’ve tried some other products, and this year I’m looking to expand once again!

Sample Custom 3 Ring Binder from The Printable Pony
Sample Custom 3-Ring Binder Option

Expanded Options for the Horse Binder

For those unfamiliar, The Printable Pony’s Horse Binder currently includes 29 pages of fillable record-keeping worksheets. This includes a customized cover page, and stall card with your horse’s name and photo. Once the customization is complete, I send you a PDF of the entire binder for you to print, organize and store at your convenience. Cost is currently $20. I’m consider expanding this option two ways:

  1. Custom 3-Ring Binder
    Instead of just a PDF you can print, this would be an actual 3-ring binder with custom artwork. I would include all of the 29 pages as before, but I would print them out for you, place them into page protectors within the binder and send the entire physical package to you. Cost would be approximately $45, plus shipping.
  2. Generic Spiral Notebook
    This option would remove the customization, and downsize the binder to just the generic pages (still 26 pages), however the entire binder would be a spiral notebook. So no customization, but a higher-quality physical book. Cost would be approximately $32, plus shipping.

So what are your thoughts on adding a physical product version of the The Printable Pony’s Horse Binder? Do you like one option more than the other? How do you feel about the costs — I don’t want to price myself out of the market!

Sample Spiral Notebook from The Printable Pony
Sample Spiral Notebook Option

New Patterns

The Fly Bonnet Crochet Pattern continues to be The Printable Pony’s top seller, and the Ogilvy Cover Sewing Pattern doesn’t do half bad either. All patterns are an automatic PDF download, priced at $5. So I’d like to add more patterns to this section:

  1. Sewing Fly Bonnet Pattern
    This is fairly self-explanatory, but the pattern would be creating a fly bonnet by sewing, rather than crochet. Cost would be $5.
  2. Quarter Sheet Sewing Pattern 
    Again, pretty self-explanatory, but a pattern to sew your own Quarter Sheet!

Do either of these patterns appeal to you? Are there any patterns you’d LOVE to find, or something you’ve struggled to make for your horse in the past?

DIY Fly Bonnet Pattern

New Printables

Originally, I had broken up The Printable Pony’s Horse Binder into a few other single downloads, for $5 each. However, those never sold well so I ditched them fairly early on. However, I still really like this concept and I want to try again.

  1. Budget Excel Spreadsheet
    A complete equine budget monthly spreadsheet that auto-calculates totals and has graphs and charts that calculate. Basically, all you have to do is plug in your numbers.

Do you struggle with tracking your equestrian spending; do you think this would be useful? Are there any other ideas for a printable you have that we could work together to create?


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29 thoughts to “Your Opinion Needed!”

  1. I saw one of these in person a few years ago and totally loved it! I don’t know why I never put two and two together on the fact that it’s YOUR product I saw! Personally, I’m too lazy to print things (and my printer at home is unreliable). BUT I would be ALL OVER a physical product. The spiral notebook is particularly appealing to me!

  2. I like the spiral notebook idea! The binder is nice for adding additional pages, but the spiral notebook seems convenient.

    I would love to see a really good pattern for a saddle cover! I tried making one last year and it did not turn out well at all. All the patterns I could find where either complicated or did not leave me with a good end result. Now I have a cover that came with my new saddle but I like the idea of making them in different patterns/colors.

  3. You should do a Facebook poll 🙂 I think you would get a lot of good responses. I would definitely buy the spiral or the binder but the price on the binder is a little high. Great idea!!

    1. A Facebook poll is an excellent idea! I will definitely do that. I know the price is a bit high… mostly because the custom binder is expensive to purchase itself. But good to know that we are thinking along the same lines!

  4. I’ll add my vote to the spiral notebook- the size would work a bit better for me. Also, I LOVE that quote you have on the back of the sample 3 ring!!!

    One pattern I’d love to see would be for stirrup covers- I know they’re probably just squares, but I am useless with a needle unless I have clear instructions. Womp womp.

    1. For all of you quarter sheet enthusiasts, I promise the pattern later this year. But if you want to grab the polar fleece now while it is on end of season big sale, you will need 2 yards of each of 3 different colors. Or some color combo of 3 pieces, 2 yards each. As in, you could make it all one color, or up to 3 different colors. Bad picture here:

  5. I can’t really comment on any of the patterns as a potential customer for them because I have no sewing skills at all, but since they’re auto-downloads and pretty cheap, my thought is the more, the merrier.

    As for the binder and spiral notebook, both of those options sound really neat! I’ve been planning on buying the original downloadable binder from you for awhile (horse shopping has just had it’s ups and downs, so I’ve been waiting until I actually have a horse to use it for) but I think the physical options would be great additions to your shop. The prices seem reasonable to me as well. Would the binder come with the downloadable file as well to be able to print off new pages as needed?

    I was also wondering about customizability for the (downloadable) binder – say the customer wants to change up photos and such – is that possible once they have the file to do themselves, or is that something that you could offer as well, just a “New Cover Page” item for sale? You could even do that as well for the physical binder – just offer the actual binder without all the pages so customers could refresh their horse’s photos whenever they wanted. (I say this as someone who is purchasing a new horse – I will only have limited photos to start with, but maybe in six months or so, I’ll have some photos of us at shows that I would want to have as the cover instead.)

    Lastly, the budget Excel sheet is something I would definitely buy!

    Hope this helps!

  6. I’d love to see a pattern/instructions on how to make a custom saddle pad. If you could do a video tutorial, or one with photos, even better! My sewing skills are on the low end, but I’ve always wanted to make a saddle pad.

  7. I love the binder idea but haven’t gone for it just because I have some different needs. For instance I track both horses shots in one spot now since they get things done together. I also keep this in the same planner where I track their rides/lunging, lameness issues, when they are due for farrier, etc. I would love to have something personalized though. Maybe you could design something more like a planner but with some added features for horse people.

    I like the look of the spiral notebook.

    The quarter sheet pattern is a good idea – I would love to find a pattern for a euro cut that’s solid under the saddle and a good shape for a horse with a wither. I’m always tempted to try my hand at one.

    This is also probably simple but I’m not that skilled – what about a blanket bag pattern? I love my smartpak one but wish it was a little bigger, the snaps for attaching to the stall were hardier, and the top closure flap actually had full coverage.

  8. I like the budget spreadsheet idea and will likely buy that. Also I like the stirrup cover pattern idea as well. I also like the spiral notebook idea, but I have too many horses really. Would one incorporate an entire herd? Haha.

  9. I love the look and convenience of the spiral notebook, but I’ve always kept records in a binder. I have the pre-set pages for tracking information, but I also keep receipts, show records and all the other miscellaneous paperwork i their own sleeves in the binder. That said, I think the spiral notebook would be a great sale for the horse person who just wants to stay on top of their stuff without being psycho about it! haha

  10. I love the spiral notebook!

    A quarter sheet pattern would be neat, and a saddle cover one would be fun.Maybe some really simple stuff like polos, tail bags, tack/garment storage bags, that sort of thing, sold all as one “beginner” DIY package? That way, maybe you’d entice those of us who aren’t super experienced/brave about sewing but like cute things 🙂
    Thinking way outside the box, if someone put together some easy to read and reasonably priced plans/templates for assorted stadium jumps and standards I’d find that interesting.

  11. I like the spiral notebook idea, with a folder pocket. That way I could keep copies of coggins etc in one easy to find place. I’m with everyone else. I have a printer but use it so infrequently, that having ready printed materials would be better.

  12. I like the spiral notebook too! I can’t really vote for the patterns as sewing/crocheting are not a part of my skill set. But for the crafty girls out there, I’m sure you’d do well with any of things you mentioned!

  13. I think the spiral notebook is a good idea for those that just want something to grab and go. I can see it being popular. I always seem to want to change/customize things, so the separate downloadable stuff would be more my style. I just bought the ear bonnet pattern. My poor Mom is going to die laughing when I ask for her help to make one! She tried valiantly to teach me to sew/crochet, etc when I was a kid, but I just wanted to go outside and play.

    I like the idea of 2 kinds of stirrup covers and a quarter sheet for future patterns.

  14. Yes to the quarter sheet! Especially since JoAnn’s is having a huge sale on fleece right now and I’ve been stocking up!

    I also love the spiral notebook idea. I would definitely get one and give as gifts to friends.

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