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Year in Review: Statistics

In case you missed it…

Year in Review: Month by Month

I’ve been actively blogging now for nine months, which seems like an eternity to me, but in the grand scheme of things makes Fly On Over still a baby blog. FOO has matured a lot since its inception, and while I try to have a narrow focus to things equine-related, I have branched out occasionally. I’ve started to plan and schedule my blog posts more recently and the consistency is certainly paying off.

Total Pageviews This Year: 10,766

Worst month: April (391)
Best month: November (2,133)
As soon as I started posting more consistently, my pageviews increased dramatically. My most active month (see below) was also the month I had the most pageviews. 

Total Posts This Year: 111 (and counting!)

Avg. Posts per Month: 12.33
Most Active Month: November (19)
Least Active Month: August (7)
I’m happy to have reached my 100th post milestone and that my averages increased throughout the year. But I’d really like to step up both my consistency and overall average in 2014. 
mouse bar chart

Total Comments This Year: 995

Most Commented Post: [TIE!] Engaged and Save the Date Debate(28)
Least Commented Post: A Fun Contest Entry (1)
Funny how the most commented posts are wedding related and not horse related at all! Not sure that this is a great indicator of what my readership would like to see though… since they are all exclusively equine bloggers. 

Most Popular Posts

#1) Blogger Gift Exchange (195 Pageviews; 22 Comments)
#2) 5 Day Challenge #1 (116 Pageviews; 11 Comments)
#3) 5 Day Challenge #2 (84 Pageviews; 9 Comments)
#4) Meet Miles (74 Pageviews; 23 Comments)
#5) 5 Day Challenge #4 (74 Pageviews; 9 Comments)

My Favorite Posts

#1) [TIE!] Meet Miles and Engaged
It’s been a big year for me, and my favorites really reflect that. I’ve gone through a lot, but I’m finally on an upswing and I plan to ride my high all the way through 2014… which will (hopefully!) be another year of milestones (no pun intended) and huge accomplishments. 
Overall, with my background in marketing, it’s hard not to judge my blog’s success by the statistics. But no matter what they show, I know I’m learning a lot and this adventure into the blogosphere has been a fun one so far.


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