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Rocky Likes to Take Naps

Wordless Wednesday: Sick as a Dog

This head cold is really kicking my ass. I actually poured cereal into the dog’s food bowl this morning, so writing an actual, thoughtful post is totally out. Instead, you get photos of my dog napping and being adorable. You’re welcome.

Rocky Likes to Take Naps
Rocky loves to snuggle and take naps, especially when you’re home sick.
Rocky the Havanese
Occasionally he looks majestic.
Skeptical Rocky the Havanese
Or sometimes even skeptical.
Rocky napping
But mostly? He naps on your lap.


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11 thoughts to “Wordless Wednesday: Sick as a Dog”

  1. Better to pour cereal in the dog bowl than dog food in your bowl 🙂 Feel better! Being sick in spring is the worst.

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