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Window Shopping

Window Shopping

This week I did the responsible, yet slightly depressing thing by calculating an expected budget for show season. It wasn’t exactly fun… although daydreaming about horse shows was entertaining until the reality of a really big final number sunk in. With that in mind, I’m redoubling my efforts to make some extra cash and rein in my superfluous spending. Of course as soon as I tell myself I can’t have something, that’s all I can think about.

Samshield Miss Shield

Samshield Miss Shield

I’ve always liked the look of the wide brim helmets, but I could never quite pull the trigger on the GPA First Lady. Now that I know just how well Samshield’s fit my head, I’ll never buy another helmet for shows. They were made for people with my shape head and my Samshield Shadowmatt is so, incredibly comfortable. I’m tried the Equivisor, but meh, it’s just a little bit too big and flimsy for my tastes. But Samshield recently released their own wide brim model, the Miss Shield. And I want it. Bad. The only question that remains is do I want another smooth, plastic shell (like I already have in the Shadowmatt) or the slightly more expensive ‘velvet’ look, premium version. Priced at $500+, I won’t be splurging on this any time soon… but a girl can dream!

SmartPak Piper Breech in Cadet Blue devon aire ladies signature breech

SmartPak Piper and Devon-Aire Signature Breeches

This week I saw SmartPak released new colors for the Piper line… including these beautiful cadet blue breeches with light blue accent colors. Drool. I also stumbled across these Devon-Aire Signature breeches, which I’ve heard are extremely similar to Tailored Sportsman… except half the price. Of course I’m dying to try them now and since I had to toss my only tan pair of schooling breeches I need them. Obviously. Isn’t there a saying about how a girl can never have too many breeches? No? Well, there should be.

Equifit D-Teq Boots in Brown Equifit Custom D-Teq Boots in Brown

Brown Equifit D-Teq Jump Boots

I do this to myself every year. I get all excited about show season and tell myself I’m going to show in equitation ALL SEASON! And then I lust after pretty equitation boots… because pretty. I had a pair of Equifit CWD Leather open fronts, but I found I really don’t like the buckles and much prefer the tab closures. Plus I didn’t show in equitation in the two years I had them. So now I’m on to version 2.0, and I found these lovely Equifit D-Teq boots… IN BROWN. So beautiful.

What are you currently lusting after?


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11 thoughts to “Window Shopping”

  1. I’ve had the DA breeches. They faded REALLY fast, being a cotton blend, and the fit was gappy in the waist for me (and really big in the lower leg). I didn’t hate totally them at that price, but I think that in the same price range the Ovation breeches are a lot better. Granted, I DO totally hate Pipers, so maybe you would like the DA. LOL

  2. I just ordered those new blue Pipers. But in my defense I ripped a hole in an old pair on a branch, so I had to replace them. Totally justified!

  3. I am pretty obsessed with the sheepskin eQuick boots, but that would be a little too frivolous a purchase just now.

  4. I got a pair of those Devon-Aires from a Zulily event and unfortunately the piping on the navy pair I got was orange, not tan like they looked so I sold them- but, they fit pretty similarly to Pipers (I was a 24 in both) and I was surprised how much I liked them! I would definitely try them again in a different color.

    And those brown EquiFits… oh my. I have them in plain black but those are amazing!

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