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My lesson last night started out well. I got to the barn early and had time to chat with the girls before we tacked up. And that’s about where the good ended. As soon as I got on Vinnie looked like this:


We warmed up, did some transitions, trotting and various circles, serpentines, etc. to no avail. He has definitely been strong lately, but last night he was on a whole new level. Don’t get me wrong, Vinnie isn’t bad — he wasn’t spooking or bucking or carrying on. He was just feeling really good — too good for 2′ horse for beginner riders. We trotted a ground pole and he launched into the air and cantered away. This from the horse that three weeks ago was moving at a snails pace to the left. So we ended up switching bits to a pelham before even attempting to canter. The bit changed definitely helped, but my experience with double reins is about almost nothing (except for the stint in middle school where I pretended to ride Saddle Seat). I pretty much wore this expression for the first 10 minutes:

Dizzy with Double Reins

After I settled in to my (considerable amount of) hardware, we got to work. I’ve been working on following more over the fences, and last night I had some success. Probably about 60 percent of the time, I do well. But when I don’t really see a distance, or if I see a long one very late, I just pose.

This is what you’re supposed to look like over the fence, right?

I felt like I didn’t get to work too much on this, mostly because I was schooling Vinnie the entire lesson. We circled before and after fences, we stopped before and after fences and we did transitions. And I thought he was going to pull my arm out of its socket. About 30 minutes in to our 45 minute lesson, I was about done. Vinnie’s antics were really starting to get to me and I was pretty frustrated.

Really, Vinnie?!

But I held it together and we finished on as good of a note as we could. Hosed the wild pony and turned him out… which I think was where he wanted to be the whole time anyways. But, on to the next ride! Trainer is taking him on a long trail ride today or Thursday, so maybe that will help mellow him out some — I sure hope so anyway! Otherwise this might be me at the show this weekend:



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7 thoughts to “Wild”

  1. lol the gifs are great!!!

    Henry can be really strong too, i feel your pain! We have done a lot of work to get him to not hang, oh and LOTS of backing up!

    1. Usually Vinnie is not that way… case in point my trainer rode him today (her trail ride got cancelled) and he was hacking around in a plain snaffle on the bit!

      Good news: It’s probably me. Bad news: It’s probably me!

      At least the gifs are good for a laugh 🙂

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