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Hyper reactive is the best adjective I’ve found to describe my feelings toward horses, and Miles specifically, in the last few months. Ya’ll probably have whiplash from my posts (I know I do). One week things are oh so amazing, and the next week is the pits.  I’m working on allowing myself to have these emotional responses, yet not writing about them in the moment and giving myself more time to process. Hence, fewer blog posts. So what’s been going on?

About a month or so ago, I started riding Miles in a two-ring, single-joined elevator bit. It has the same mouthpiece as he’s always gone in, but the additional leverage helped me pick him up off his forehand, and gave me the ability to pull him up if he tried to “duck and buck.” Unfortunately for me, this bit isn’t legal in the hunter ring. So I went to the drawing board and thought I’d try a single-joined rubber Pelham. Miles actually used to be shown in this bit before I bought him, so I thought it was a solid plan.

Last week I put it on for a flat ride to test it out. Things went fine at the walk and trot, but Miles acted out in the canter. When I got after him, things just escalated… and continued to escalate. It was a pretty bad ride, and sent myself and Trainer scrambling back to the drawing board. At first, I was really upset… and to be honest it took all weekend for me to calm down. But we had short, calm rides over the weekend, although now the elevator bit is a no-go. So during our lesson on Monday we played with some other options and a Waterford seemed to go over well.

I’m not sure how things will play out in the end, but I’m taking my time. There’s not a rush for decisions to be made, and while I may look back and regret not taking action sooner… I’m also not ready to let go quite yet.


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