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Walking down the aisle

When Real Life Gets in the Way

After an absolutely stellar weekend, which included (OMG!) getting married, ridiculously gorgeous weather and amazing food, I was rudely and abruptly thrown back into real life on Monday. Sam and I are waiting to enjoy our honeymoon so he can study for the bar exam, so I was back to work at 8:30 a.m.

And let me tell you, it was a doozy. Not only was I playing catch-up after taking nearly a week off, but we’re smack-dab in the middle of launching a new website… which is now behind schedule. And the worst part? I found out about a huge lay-off of employees, including all of IT and 2/3 of Finance. While I am extremely grateful to still have my job, I feel horrible for those who weren’t as lucky. Needless to say, work is not a happy place right now.

stitch crying in the rain

Unfortunately my not-so-great news doesn’t end there. Sam and I currently rent an apartment, and our lease is up at the end of August. Last night we got our renewal offer… which includes a $130 PER MONTH increase. #FML So I guess now we’re shopping for a new place to call home. Here’s hoping we find something we like quickly, and it’s not too expensive.

Luckily, the barn has been my saving grace this week. I’ve had two great hacks on Meatloaf (aka Miles) so far, and I’m hoping to get out this evening as well. When I went out to see him on Monday, he was snuggly and lovely… I think Grumpy missed me a little bit! He didn’t even object too much to being brushed… a sure sign that he felt a little neglected while I was enjoying my wedding.

Miles and I walking in the warm-up ring

I’m keeping my chin up and looking forward to my lesson on Thursday and my very first trail ride on Sunday!


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30 thoughts to “When Real Life Gets in the Way”

  1. I think this is the third post I’ve read today about life getting in the way 🙁 Life sucks sometimes. Glad to hear you still have your job, but bummer about the house. Fingers crossed you guys find something soon!

  2. I used to dread getting my renewal stuff because it always gets more expensive it seems!! Best of luck finding a great new place to call home! 🙂

  3. Dude, “Survivor Sickness” is a legitimate thing. My last job nixed the graphic designer, sent ignorant me out to get coffee while they did it, and I came back to her empty cubicle. It was really, really hard.

    I think the days after a wedding are tough, anyways. All that hype, all that build up, and then, bam. Done. Over. :/

    Hope it gets better! Hope you find a gorgeous new place to live!

    1. It was kind of weird just waking up at our apartment and being “married”. It’s kind of like a big birthday: you want to feel different, it feels like you SHOULD feel different… but you don’t haha

  4. Ugh, sorry to hear about the bad things going on but glad we have horses and good friends to help us keep our chins up!

  5. I used to lease apartments, and those increase letters aren’t always set in stone. If you have a good relationship with your property manager (read: not the late-paying, trouble-making, loud or dirty people), they are often willing to meet with you and work out a compromise. Often the increase rate can be less overall than the hassle of moving. Apartment communities are usually more concerned about being fully occupied rather than getting full price for their apartments. So, I advise letting your property manager know you’re not okay with the increase, and are planning on shopping around. You might be pleasantly surprised! (Another hint? If they won’t come down on price, see if you can get something that ups the value of your living. For example, a carpet cleaning or a new appliance. Those are often easy trades for a property manager, and well worth keeping a good tenant!)

  6. I agree with above…talk to your landlord. Working somewhere where people are getting sacked is so stressful, we are going through that right now too.

  7. Life sucks. I’m focusing on how gorgeous and happy you are in that beautiful wedding photo. You always have an infectious smile, but damn girl. Love it.

  8. Sheesh that is a scary work situation to come back to! No IT department and a new website launching too- yikes!

    Glad the wedding was awesome tho! Hubby and i waited to go on our honeymoon too and it was a nice break up a few months later 🙂

  9. That’s so sad about the layoffs! It sucks having to go back to the real world sometimes.

    On another note, you looked gorgeous!

  10. Ha… have fun dealing with him studying. I’m pretty sure I’ve turned into a huge b*tch and everyone hates me right now. I’m trying to reel it in… if I didn’t make time to ride, I know people would hate me. I’m just looking forward to my disney get-away the week after the BAR. and I hope you have a great honey moon 🙂

  11. Wow, congrats on the wedding, sorry you are having an especially rough “wedding hang-over”. Seems like life is almost a little rougher after such a magical moment. Hope the mood at your work lightens and you get housing fixed without too much drama. At least while he studies you can hit the barn to give him space 😉

  12. Well, darn it, you should have been allowed to bask in “Eau de Wedding” for a while longer! I am having a let-down myself today as Son graduated from HS yesterday and we had a super party. Would much rather have laid in bed this morning and mused about the successful day, but what are you gonna do… somebody has to pay for all the fun.

    What geniuses thought that axing IT along with launching a new website was a good idea? REALLY? Sorry, that was my first thought about your work situation. Glad you’re still there (yay for them seeing the value in what you and I do) as you say, but that sucks! I have made sure to keep good buddies with the IT staff at my company as having a non-working computer/other technology is a royal pain.

    As far as the housing, I’ve been on a number of Columbus apartments hunts and I feel your pain. I lived with a roomie in a townhouse on Sawmill Rd. when I first graduated, then moved to Victorian Village to my own place. It was super convenient for work downtown and easy on the wallet, but hard on my property – I was robbed FOUR times! Two car break-ins, an apartment break-in and a purse-snatching on the sidewalk right in front of the building. Once I was engaged I moved in with fiance to a really nice townhouse in Hilliard (Mill Run Apartments, I think). LOVED that place but even in 1991 it was too expensive (I’ve wondered how much they rent for now!), so we decamped after a year to a rented condo up by Sharon Woods Park. That place was very nice, too, and a great setup for our doggie as it had a fenced-in area out back.

    At any rate, I wish you well negotiating with the landlord and/or finding something else that suits. And mega-good luck to Sam with the Bar exam!

    P.S. I still looooove that wedding dress. 🙂

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