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Moiya is too cute

What’s Up With Moiya

Lots of updates are overdue, including one on baby Moiya (that cute little bay OTTB mare). She spent the last half of the summer carting me around, helping me regain some confidence. We had lots of really great rides, but this fall her future was uncertain. But, I have a great trainer (and I can’t say that enough!) who has taken on Moiya since her owner fell ill and passed away last week. And… after much discussion with DH, we decided to half-lease her!

Moiya in a Quarter Sheet

So luckily, I’m still plunking around on her three days a week, and this half-lease has allowed me to add a second lesson each week when the weather cooperates. I gave her a trace clip at the beginning of January (my first trace clip ever), and she stood like a rock for the entire experience. She got lots of pats and cookies for her patience. Since then, she’s been a bit spicy, the new clip and the colder temps really have her blood pumping, but she’s starting to settle in now.

Moiya in profile winter 2016

We’ve been working a lot on the flat, and she gives me opportunity to really focus on myself. I spend a lot of time thinking about keeping my weight in my lower leg, but still allowing my ankle to flex and absorb shock. Moiya is a really good tattle tale, and she’ll let you know immediately as soon as you’re not doing something correctly. Did you let go of your outside rein? She’s curled in so badly you feel like you might fall over. Did you get stiff in your arms at the canter? She’s tossing her head and going faster. This is all really good for me, because she forces me to be correct and I’m learning a lot. The best thing is, she tells you and if you correct it, she continues on happy as a clam.

Moiya is too cute

Plus, having a second horse to ride is really helping me gain the strength and fitness I so desperately need… especially for horse shows!


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23 thoughts to “What’s Up With Moiya”

  1. That’s so exciting that you are now half-leasing her! Riding more than just 1 horse really goes a long way toward fitness, improving your seat/feel, and helping your eye. Especially with one that is so honest and good-hearted.

  2. Loving all of these updates! I think having a second horse to ride is a GREAT thing for you – letting you develop as a rider on a schoolmaster type is just what you need! Plus, you are learning great skills that will transfer over to Miles as well! So much happy!

  3. Wow, congrats! I’m sure it is such peace of mind for her former owner’s family to know that one of her loves is working with someone who loves the horse so much!

  4. I love this update! I’m so happy Moiya is loved and cared for, and I’m especially happy you get to be a part of that! Congrats on being a 1 and a half horse household!

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