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Between Miles' Ears Trail Ride

Welcome, Spring

Finally, finally this weekend began to feel like spring is truly here (and hopefully to stay!). The weather was gorgeous on Saturday, and while it rained on Sunday, it was still warm enough to be at the barn in just a t-shirt. I took advantage of a commitment-free weekend and spent the entire thing at the barn. It was heaven on Earth,

Clean tack room

I did some spring cleaning — I took all of my dirty saddle pads and quarter sheets home. I swept my entire area of the tack room and organized my drawers. It felt so good to get all of the mud and dirt out! On Sunday, I even cleaned all my tack; clean leather never smelled so good.

Between Moiya's Ears Trail Ride

I took advantage of the 75° high (with sunshine!) and took both ponies on a short trail ride. I am beyond blessed to have two solid citizens who will happily march out on their own for a relaxing ride through the woods. Apologies in advance for their dirtiness because next…

Between Miles' Ears Trail Ride

I gave Moiya, Miles and Vinnie baths! Trainer was out of town this weekend, so she left me in charge (gulp)… which meant the ponies got spoiled. It felt good to give baths, especially for Moiya — it was her first of the year! Of course then we enjoyed some grazing to dry out a little bit.

Moiya grazing, post-bath

On Sunday I had a nice, easy ride on Moiya and got everyone turned out in the indoor and groomed. Moiya and Miles are shedding like no one’s business!!

Miles grazing, post-bath

How was your weekend?


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11 thoughts on “Welcome, Spring

  1. #jealous.
    Our “springlike” day was 49 and misty. I did finally get on Jampy though! Sunday was 37 and more of the same. I noped out of riding. Too cold and damp for me!
    Hopefully your weather is heading this way though! Sounds like you made the most of it. They look so refreshed post tubby time!

  2. Ahhhhh my favorite time of year!! It hasn’t been that consistently nice here yet, but it’s coming! I LOVE LOVE LOVE shedding season, spring cleaning, being able to give baths again…. YAY SPRING!!

  3. Hey, I spot a Brenderup in the background!

    We had rain, rain, and more rain over the weekend. I am hoping that one of these days we get a break to dry out!

  4. Ugh, I want to bathe my guys SO badly. It’s still so icky and winter-y here 🙁

    Altho, I did do some spring cleaning in the barn this weekend and it was so wonderful getting organized again.

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