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Weigh In Wednesday

Weigh-In Wednesday: Wins & Losses

Wow, Weigh-In Wednesday has really taken off! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s posts on their health and fitness goals for 2015, plus I’ve gotten some great advice! I got a bit of a late start on my health resolution, beginning about three weeks after the New Year. So far, I’m not sure how I feel about my progress, especially where working out is concerned. Nonetheless, I’m always a fan of a good recap list:


I started counting calories using the MyFitnessPal app

 I have my breakfast and lunch portions under control

 I’ve been slightly more active than the previous month


 I still have seconds every Sunday at dinner

I’m 50/50 on late night snacking

 I still need to be more active

Win Or LoseThe Bottom Line

Instead of being down on myself for all of the things I didn’t do well, I’m taking this opportunity to tell you that in the last 19 days, I’ve lost 9.2 lbs. To tell you the truth, I’m shocked by that number; it really wasn’t that hard for me. But unfortunately, I don’t feel any different yet. This is the point where I usually give up because despite all of my effort, mentally and physically, I don’t notice a difference. But today I’m rejuvenated and more motivated than ever by seeing some success!

So my goals for the next month are the same as last month, but I’m going to be more specific.

  1. No seconds at Sunday dinner [for real this time]
  2. Be active at least twice a week, every week

What are your health and fitness ‘wins’ and ‘losses’ this month?

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37 thoughts to “Weigh-In Wednesday: Wins & Losses”

    1. Scales work for some and not for others. I personally don’t have a scale and never have. I know my weight by how my clothes fit. Right now? My clothes are telling me this cold weather and my grad school projects are making me fat. 🙁

      1. I agree — it’s about knowing yourself, as well as what works for you. I’m not big into “numbers,” but it’s a nice secondary way for me to measure success.

  1. Good for you! Don’t forget, there will be times when the scale won’t move much but you will still be losing inches because you are replacing fat with muscle. When I was in much better shape and working as a personal trainer (really working hard to get back there!) I found that having a cheat meal once a week helped keep me on track for the week. So, maybe Sunday dinner seconds is your cheat meal?

    Congrats on your wins, great progress!

  2. Oh crap, I forgot to keep posting about this on my monday stuff. Oops. Still doing spin classes, have dropped off the swimming lately because with the nice riding weather I’ve found myself with less free time. Plus the barnsitting and working overtime really kill my schedule.

  3. Damn girl!! Great job! Those losses aren’t so bad! Just try to be a little more active and if you’re absolutely dying for seconds, have them of something good for you and not dessert. I always found that hydration, motivation, and time management are the things that keep me feeling good and moving in the right direction with my health goals.

  4. I do think 9.2 lbs is impressive for the time period involved, so congrats. When I was working out regularly (before I lost my workout buddy to pregnancy and got working overtime 🙁 ) I didn’t lose any weight per the scale really, just lost noticable circumference based on the way my clothes fit. I hope you start feeling the difference soon, I bet that will help motivate you more than the scale. I was very motivated until I started feeling like I was sacrificing my sanity with all my other commitments. I hope to find a balance at some point, but not sure what to give up (besides work if I could, lol).

  5. That is awesome! 9.2 is a big number! Something to be proud of – keep up the good work! Also, the weigh-in wednesday has totally inspired me to change my eating habits, which really needed an overhaul. So THANK YOU!!!

  6. Wow congrats on the 9+lbs already! Great work. I’m down about 7 lbs from Jan 15th – so about 30 days. That is just under 2 lbs a week loss for me which is comfortable and I haven’t started running yet – so looking forward to more results. Keep it up!

  7. I’m going to offer some unsolicited advice since I’m in the process of learning a bunch of cool stuff from the trainers at my gym and feel like sharing, haha.

    First, having seconds with Sunday is actually not a bad thing if you are restricting yourself the rest week. It is very beneficial for people who are following a low fat/low carb diet to have a “cheat” meal once a week to increase leptin levels and boost metabolism, which will help you lose weight. I have my cheat meal on Sunday and go all out, candy, fried food, etc. Delish, and encouraged by the trainers!

    And second, it actually doesn’t matter how late you eat, but rather what you eat. I always thought that as well, but the time of day has no effect on weight loss… It’s more the time you eat those pesky carbs. So if you’re feeling hungry late at night, stick to protein and healthy fats (like nuts), and you don’t have to feel guilty!

    Congrats on your success so far! You’re doing great. 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing! I’m still in the “exploring” stage of figuring out what works for me, and what doesn’t as far as diet and exercise are concerned. I know that one problem I have is simply eating too much, so eating “seconds” on Sundays is really probably more like having thirds or fourths, since my portions are so large.

      But what you said is true, that allowing myself to “cheat” is also really important. It’s a balance, for sure!!

  8. WAY TO GO! That is a big number! I think you are on the right track with attainable goals, it helps when you really feel step by step progress instead only looking at the end goal:)

  9. woo congrats!! good job sticking with it – i read some inspo type thing that said something along the lines of ‘it takes 6 weeks for you to start seeing changes in yourself, and 12 weeks for those around you to start noticing the changes’ — and that’s been a helpful way for me to try and keep my eye on the ball. good luck!!

    1. I’ve never heard the timeframe thing before, so thanks for sharing! That’s definitely something I need to keep in mind 🙂

  10. Your weight loss is AWESOME!!!! You should be really proud. When weight comes off slowly, it tends to stay off. Don’t feel discouraged at all. Just keep making little changes, and before you know it, you’ll feel healthier which is kind of motivating. :0)

  11. I read once that every pound of weight you lose takes four pounds of pressure off of your knees- I’ve got one bad knee so this has been a huge motivator for me. Think about that, maybe you don’t feel super different yet but you’ve taken almost 40lbs of force off of your joints which will help make sure you get to keep riding a looooong loooooong time!!

      1. I injured my knee from a riding accident (fall) ~2 years ago: a partially torn meniscus. I could get surgery, but was told losing 5 lbs relieved my knees of 25 lbs of pressure, so I dropped the weight and haven’t had any knee pain since!!

        Anyway, GREAT JOB on your progress so far!

  12. Hell yeah, lady!! Very awesome! I love how you’re breaking your goals down into increments like this – I could stand to do more of that with my own. It seems to be very successful.

    ….you should for realz come ski. It can count toward your being active goal! Free ticketzzzzzz. Free lesson….

  13. Woohoo way to go! I actually found that as I got in shape I gained weight as I gained muscle, so I’m with the people who don’t pay much attention to scales. Love hearing about your progress!

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