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Prison Break TV Show

My Weekend in Pictures

Instead of boring you with all the [not so] juicy details of my extremely bland weekend, I’m going to show you. Because who doesn’t like pictures? Anyways, my weekend started out with staying up too late on Friday watching episodes of Prison Break on Netflix. Really, binge-watching old TV shows is all Netflix is good for… I’m not sure why they even continue to offer movies at all. Needless to say, I slept in until noon on Saturday and I have to admit, it felt great.

Unfortunately feeling refreshed, relaxed and purely content only lasted about 30 seconds because I checked my phone and had two texts from the barn manager: “Miles tweaked his left hind shoe and can barely walk.” Accompanied by a lovely photo of my beastie’s tootsies:

Miles Loose Shoe

There went my plans for an afternoon hack at the barn. I left a message for my farrier, figuring he was probably pretty damn busy and who knew when he’d be able to squeeze in a trip to my barn. I then proceeded to fret the entire afternoon about how lame my horse would be and if we’d even be able to go to the show this weekend. So I drowned my sorrows in spaghetti and cheap wine, and settled in for a movie night with my [other two] favorite boys. And in my opinion, nothing makes you forget your troubles quite like an animated movie:

Rocky, Sam and How To Train Your Dragon

Luckily I have the world’s greatest farrier and at 6 o’clock on Saturday night he trekked out to the barn to tack back on the pony’s shoe, after spending all day at a horse show. Yeah, my farrier is the bomb… and I really need to start thinking of an awesome Christmas gift for him. So after completing a few chores around the house on Sunday morning, I went to the barn to inspect Miles’s self-inflicted damage. He seemed okay, so I hopped on for a short ride. It was blustery, and Miles was fairly looky, but he felt sound and that’s all I really cared about. So after only about 20 minutes of mostly walking, I hopped off and decided to do an impromptu spa treatment. I shaved whiskers, gave a bath from head to toe and painted toes. Miles was not thrilled, but certainly enjoyed his carrots afterwards.

Miles Bath June 2014
So thrilled to be clean.


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12 thoughts on “My Weekend in Pictures

  1. A reliable farrier is more than worth their weight in gold, aren’t they? The farrier at my barn comes out WITHIN AN HOUR of calling him…day or night. Not sure where B and S found him, but he does a wonderful job! Glad you were able to get Miles’ shoe back on and he feels pretty 🙂

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