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Braves Win!

A Weekend in Cincinnati

This past weekend I took a break from riding [mostly to appease the DH] and took a road trip to Cincinnati to watch some baseball. DH loves baseball; it’s his favorite sport and I like to indulge him every once in a while so he continues to support my favorite sport. I think our current arrangement works out to something like one baseball game to every three horse shows, which isn’t so bad. Luckily for me, DH’s favorite team is the Atlanta Braves and I bet you can guess how often we travel to Georgia to watch them play. Never. But once a year they do play the Cincinnati Reds, so we travel south and watch a few games. Unfortunately I absolutely hate the city of Cincinnati; every time I’ve been I have a terrible experience. I know a lot of people who like it… but I just can’t see the charm. But for the sake of my marriage, I suck it up.

So after work on Friday we drove down and watched the game; it turned out to be a pretty solid spectator event and I got to see some of my favorite players including Craig Kimbrel [the Braves’ star closing pitcher]. I have to admit, now that I follow the Braves team more closely, it’s pretty cool to see the players in person. Plus, we had awesome seats so I was able to see all the action up close, right behind the Braves’ dugout. DH has also learned that I’m much more obliging if I receive food every four innings. So I ate ice cream and pizza and I was a happy camper. And as an added bonus, I got to see my first stolen base and my first 100+ mph fastball, courtesy of the Reds star closer, Aroldis Chapman.

Braves Baseball Aug 2014

We slept in late on Saturday, and met a mutual friend for lunch, before moseying our way back to the stadium that evening for another game. It started raining right at game time [of course] and we waited for a little bit, before ditching out  and going to find some food. At first, we just went around the corner to Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill… but the service was abhorrent. We walked in, and there were a ton of people just milling around, with no hostess anywhere in sight. So we sat ourselves in what we thought was open seating. After 15 minutes a waitress finally appeared, and walked right by us to another table. Then she made eye contact with me, and I thought she was walking over to us, but she again walked right by, assisted another table and then made a beeline to the hostess stand. The hostess finally came over and said “These seats are reserved. You can’t sit here. You need to go to the hostess stand to get a seat,” and stalked away. So we followed her back to the hostess stand and were informed it would be a 30 minute wait… even though we could see other open tables available.

So we left and went to Ruth Chris Steakhouse instead, and I had the most delicious filet and shrimp with garlic mashed potatoes and a small cheesecake with peach compote on top for dessert; and guess what? Nobody treated me like shit there! #FuckingCinci

Ruth Chris Steakhouse

Anyways, after we finished dinner the rain delay was lifted and we made it back to the stadium in time to watch about six innings or so of baseball. The Braves lost, which sucked, but the DH was happy to see so much live baseball, we didn’t get rained on and I got awesome food. All in all, it was a fun and successful weekend trip.


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17 thoughts to “A Weekend in Cincinnati”

  1. LOL! I totally make my hubby bribe me with dinner downtown before all baseball games 🙂 plus usually a drink and a treat during the game, too!

  2. luv so many things about this post – baseball, food in general, ruths chris in particular…lol. i actually went down to atlanta this summer to see friends and got to catch a game. was a lot of fun – i recommend it!!

  3. My guy is all about sports. I follow your plan also…nice dinner out, game time snacks, a little shopping. I’m kind of getting into the whole thing!

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