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Viva Carlos Blog Hop: Why Do You Ride?

Another wonderful blog hop topic, brought to us by Viva Carlos: “Why do you continue to ride?” Is because I can’t stop, too simple of an answer? In all honesty, there are a lot of negatives to riding and the equestrian world, including (but not limited to) gut-wrenching heartbreak, high financial cost, total time-suck and risk of bodily injury.

But despite these… I can’t stop.

I’ve lost horses I loved and cried for months and months. I’ve spent way too much money on tack. I’ve spent countless hours at the barn and horse shows. And I’ve broken a few bones along the way. But despite each setback, I always come back for more; I’ve never really considered quitting… ever.

I think it’s because horses complete me, even though that sounds super cheesy. Riding fills a void in my heart and placates my competitive spirit. I cherish the small moments with horses… like when Miles lets me rub his forehead and he falls asleep, or when Visa would nicker to me in the morning at shows. Some of the toughest times for me were when I didn’t own my own horse… and I know now that I don’t want to ever feel that again.

So while sometimes riding and loving horses really, really sucks… the highs are so much higher than the lows, that it will always be worth it.


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    1. They do; it’s funny because I absolutely love my dog, but my love for my horse is just… different? My dog is more my baby, by horse is more my partner, I think.

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