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Viva Carlos Blog Hop: Immediate Inspiration

A Brief History

I found my current trainer by happy coincidence. I had moved my horse, Visa, to a new barn in the area when he promptly shoved his leg through the fence. Some other friends I had at the barn began taking lessons from Trainer, and I told her that one day soon, I would join her lesson roster. About a year later, I got the news that Visa needed to be retired from jumping, and begin tapering back on his workload. So I approached Trainer to ask if she had any lesson horses I could ride. I knew I wanted to continue jumping, and purchasing a second horse just wasn’t feasible. She promptly told me that she did NOT own lesson horses, but that I could come out and ride one of her personal horses. I took two lessons with her before Visa passed away unexpectedly. And I’ve been riding with her ever since.


Why This Trainer

Admittedly, I haven’t lessoned with a large variety of professionals, but I will say that I either like you or I don’t pretty quickly. Trainer and I get along very, very well; we have similar “no bullshit” personalities, and our priorities mesh up: #1 Safety, #1.1 Welfare of the Horse. Period. The other reason that Trainer and I work so well together is her program. She’s a bit older (although, she prefers the term “traditional” which she most certainly is), and she’s not as interested in a big, huge show barn anymore. She doesn’t care what your goals are: showing or not at all; lessons twice a week or once a year. There is absolutely no pressure whatsoever, as long you care for your horse and you’re being safe.

Street Cred

The other thing I love about my Trainer are her credentials. She’s really been there, done that. She has 40 years of experience in hunter/jumpers, including buying, training and selling youngsters and green beans. She’s shown and trained horses and riders at WEF, as well as up and down the East Coast. She currently holds a USEF “r” judge’s card in addition to training various levels of hunters and jumpers locally.


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