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Why do I make such ugly faces when I show

Trucking Right Along

After the show, Miles got a few days off, so we’ve only put in three rides since. Maybe it’s just my wishful thinking, but his attitude seems different — Miles seems more relaxed and happy and our rides have been short and sweet. The real test of course will be our lesson tonight, and I’m anxious to see how it goes.

Ride 1 was on Wednesday and we only did walk/trot. I started off long and low to stretch out his legs and back to see how he felt after the show weekend. He felt really good, so I worked on some lateral movements and moving off my leg to reinforce that leg doesn’t exclusively mean go forward. Our leg yields continue to improve, albeit slowly, at both the walk and trot. It takes me a second to “unlock” the movement, which is why I always start asking for it at the walk, but once Miles and I are on the same page, it goes well. We also did some turns on the haunches, which were quite nice.

Fun angle at Delaware
Still lacking any new media whatsoever… PC: The Exquisite Equine

Ride 2 was Thursday, and we got lucky enough to ride right before a lesson. Trainer had two ย set up in a line, so I worked over those. The line was set a bit wonky, so the first few times through didn’t ride well, but Trainer moved the second pole in a few feet and then it rode in a nice, easy five strides. I practiced adjusting, starting by cantering the ย in five strides, and then coming right around and riding them in six strides. I did this exercise both directions and it happened the first try, and was easy as pie!

Ride 3 was Sunday, and I had hoped to do a bit more than I actually did, but it all worked out. I planned on a trail ride, but the bugs (especially the deer flies) were horrendous. We didn’t get very far before turning around, but we still got to ride over some uneven ground and do the big hill. Miles was great to walk out all on his onesies, so that was nice. And even when the bugs were bothering him, all he did was try to bite them and grunt — no antics at all. I planned to go do a little bit in the arena when we returned, but the skies opened and it started to rain, so I just called it quits.

Why do I make such ugly faces when I show
Why do I make such ugly faces when I show?

All in all, not too much to report (and certainly nothing very exciting), but we’re still here, trucking right along ๐Ÿ™‚


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8 thoughts on “Trucking Right Along

  1. i definitely believe that Miles seems more relaxed right now – i think they know when things are going well and feel good about themselves when they are getting the answers right.

  2. I also look goofy when I show. I look really mad but really I’m just focusing! Haha. I’ve started remembering to keep my mount shut (or at least not gaping wide open) over fences because that is NOT a cute look!

  3. Hope you have a great lesson. I think most of us make goofy faces when we are thinking and riding, especially in a show.

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