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#TrendingNow: Sickness, Love and Home Reno

2016 was not a banner year for this blog — I posted sporadically, and there were weeks that went by without a peep. I really want to change that this year, but I’m still having trouble getting back in the groove, so to speak. It’s winter, and in all honesty, not that much is happening. But that’s half the fun of equestrian blogging: ya’ll can totally relate. So in an effort to get myself to sit down and actually write something, I’m starting a weekly series about what’s going on in my life outside of horses.

Trending in Health: DayQuil and NyQuil

Somehow, despite being basically a hermit (#wfh ftw), I got a head cold last week that put me solidly on the disabled list. I downed DayQuil and NyQuil like candy, and watched entirely too much Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I pretty much neglected all of my responsibilities at the barn and at home, but thanks to all the extra rest I’m finally on the mend. Here’s hoping that the rest of the winter I stay healthy.

Trending in Books: Love is All You Need by Jennifer Arnold

Horses and dogs are pretty much two sides of the same coin: equestrians the world over pretty universally love dogs. My trainer is no exception, and a small group of us (including her!) all have puppies under the age of 20 months. So she’s been sharing some tips, tricks and reading with us, including this book about bond-based training. I’m about halfway through and so far I really like it. The highlights include treating your dog with respect, not using pain or fear to gain obedience, and teaching your dog to think for him or herself to make good behavior choices.

Kona's First Haircut

Trending in Home Decor: Half Bath Makeover

Since buying our house a year and half ago, I’ve really enjoyed making it our own. The house didn’t need any renovations, but of course I wanted to paint all the rooms and spruce it up. We’re down to only four rooms needing paint, and this week we knocked one more off: the downstairs half bath. Of course what started as a simple paint job turned into a complete makeover with a new light fixture, new mirror and new toilet. But now it’s completely done!

half bath makeover

In Case You Missed It: Larry Glefke and Kelly Farmer Got Suspended for using GABA 

Big news in #ShowHunters included two very high profile trainers were suspended for doping. And at the same time during the USEF Annual Meeting a scary statistic emerged: 60% of all medication offenses come from the hunter discipline. #NotAwesome

Doping in Hunters
By Kaitlyn Karssen Digital Media


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8 thoughts to “#TrendingNow: Sickness, Love and Home Reno”

  1. I feel the same about blogging in the winter! I enjoy hearing more about things other than horsey stuff. Gives us more insight into you as a person 🙂

    And I absolutely detest drug use in the horse world. I’m constantly amazed by it. If you have to dope up that much to win, then you’re not really a winner… And your horse probably hates his life…

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