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Miles canter at New Vocations 2016

Transformation Thursday: New Vocations

The New Vocations Charity Horse Show has become somewhat of a landmark occasion for Miles and I. Sometimes it’s because great things happen… and sometimes it’s the opposite. But regardless of which way the chips fall, I always enjoy looking back because I can see so much progress. We may not be moving up in height very quickly, we may not look picture perfect over every jump… but I am becoming a better rider than I’ve ever been. And making sure I take the time to SEE that and BELIEVE that is so, incredibly important.

I’m starting back… way back to the very first time I showed at the New Vocations Charity Horse Show in 2013 (4 years ago). I showed my trainer’s horse, Vinnie, in the 2′ Limit Hunter division. On the flat, I don’t look that much different, but over fences… wow. I am so much more secure in the tack, my steering is better and even my pace is much more consistent. On Sunday, I scratched due to weather and a migraine (remember Sunday… this is important later).

In 2014 at New Vocations, I showed 2’6″ for the very first time. Again, I’m so much more balanced now, with a stronger leg. My chips (while they still happen) aren’t quite as bad most of the time, and I’m a more active rider, rather than a passenger. Plus, after reading my post, I’m so much more confident now! On Sunday, I scratched because despite winning the hack, he just wasn’t moving like himself (keep remembering…)

In 2015, New Vocations was a roller coaster. Our rounds were good, very consistent and you can tell I’ve improved a lot at the 2’6″ height compare to the year before where I was so nervous I could barely breathe. But I’m still slow (getting bigger spots out of the lines, despite riding the add stride) and I’m still lose in the tack. This time on Sunday I scratched because we’d been up all night with another horse who colicked and I promptly fell off in the schooling area warming up for my over fences classes. (Seeing a Sunday theme yet?)
And finally, to this year. I’m the strongest I’ve ever been, making decisions on distances from farther away, and my pace is getting faster. Miles stride alone has expanded and gotten longer — so we are definitely on track to get the numbers soon. Plus, as an added bonus, I FINALLY SHOWED ON SUNDAY!
Progress isn’t linear, improvement happens slowly. But I can’t deny what I see in these videos: a vastly improved rider with more skills and confidence. Here’s to waking up tomorrow, and continuing to work hard to achieve my dreams <3


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7 thoughts on “Transformation Thursday: New Vocations

  1. How great that you have these videos! When you watch them all back to back, you can really see how much for confident and secure in the tack you have become. Way to go!!

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