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One year later - Miles at 2015 New Vocations

Transformation Thursday: 2’6″ Then and Now

Stall rest gives me too much time to think. So instead of dwelling on all the negative worries I’m accumulating, I want to talk about all the progress Miles and I have made. Earlier this month, Miles and I went to the New Vocations Charity Horse Show. It’s the second time we’ve attended together, and marks our one year anniversary of moving up to 2’6″.

A little history first: one of the big reasons I bought Miles was I knew he could help me accomplish my longtime goal of moving up from 2′-2’3″ to 2’6″. Before Miles, I’d never shown above 2’3″ and I wanted to, desperately. It took us almost a year, but we finally moved up at New Vocations in July 2014. And here we are, again at the same show, in the 2’6″ division. Sometimes I feel like I’m not making much progress. We’re still at 2’6″, still doing the add-stride… still placing middle of the pack. But the photos and videos don’t lie:

That was my first ever round at 2’6″ in a show ring. Looking at it critically, I know there’s a million things wrong with it… but I’m still really proud. I could talk about all of the short distances, and how stiff I am. Instead though, I see a nervous rider who accomplished what she set out to do and a horse show stepped up to the plate and helped. There’s a lot I love about this video, despite all the flaws. And of course, I still love this photo:

New Vocations hunter Jumper Show Miles Jumping 2-6 Oxer

And here we are, exactly one year later. The video below is of the same class (Saturday’s 2’6″ Hunter Warm-Up) as the video above. So it’s our first time over a judged course at the horse show.

I see so much improvement. Sure, I still find some short distances and we’re still doing the add-stride pace… but the whole look and feel are different. Now I see a confident rider making decisions and helping her horse. They’re a partnership, a team, working together. I’m more relaxed, stronger through the leg and core, and Miles performs better because of it. And this picture says it all:

One year later - Miles at 2015 New Vocations


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13 thoughts on “Transformation Thursday: 2’6″ Then and Now

  1. You two look so good. Congrats on your accomplishments. It’s so cool that you have video and pictures to compare.
    That progress thing can be a real pain in the butt. In other areas of life, progress seems to happen so much faster. It makes me impatient for riding progress. But it’s not a race and it’s not a constant forward motion. We’ll get there in time.

  2. woo hoo – you guys really have done so well! and it’s beyond just the typical rhythm and distances that are better – your whole attitude has changed and you two have grown so much in your partnership! nice work 😀

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