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Tracy and Moiya on the Trails

Through the Woods

Ya’ll know I’m a ring baby through and through, but our farm has an extensive network of amazing trails. I honestly feel guilty not taking advantage of them more often, so whenever someone organizes a trail ride (as long as it’s short, doesn’t go over ditches or through water), I’m in. And this week we went on one of my favorite trail rides to date. It wasn’t long or epic, but it was relaxing and I had a ton of fun.

It turned out to be three of us: myself on Moiya, my BFF, N on her guy Romeo, and the best junior rider ever, L, on her little bay Quarter Horse mare, Susie. We all had a good laugh at the three ring babies on their jumper mounts heading off into the great unknown! All three of our horses can get a little hot on the trails, especially Moiya and Susie who are used to doing Hunter Paces and galloping through the woods jumping all the jumps.

TR Trail Ride Path 10-2015

So we took it easy, and just decided to trek to the jump field and back. This is the Google Earth view of the farm, and we started out in the sand ring outside, and took the red path back through the turnout paddocks, through the woods and to the jump field (circled in yellow). It’s a really easy path, since for most of the way you just follow around the pastures. There are a couple of bridges to cross (one cement and one wood), but all the horses did great. Once we got to the jump field we trotted around a little bit and the other horses jumped some of the logs that were set up. Moiya and I are working on relaxing on the trails and learning that trail does not equal run, so we didn’t jump anything.

Trail Ride Oct 2015

At first she was pretty ‘up’ and her power trot was HUGE. She kept asking me ‘is it our turn to run and jump?!’ but after a few minutes she realized we were just chilling, and stood quietly on a loose rein. I was super proud of her and I had blast watching N and L jump around. They had the biggest grins on their faces!!

Tracy and Moiya on the Trails

We took a slightly different way back and went up a big hill to walk on the opposite side of the pastures (shown in white). The horses got a little quick once they realized we were headed for home, but everybody settled back down with ease and it was all in all a very leisurely stroll. It’s pouring down rain here now, so I’m really glad we got in at least one more nice hack out!


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8 thoughts on “Through the Woods

  1. So great to have trails right adjacent to the property! I live near tons of trails (I’m somewhat surrounded by state forest), but Jampy is terrified of everything so I haven’t gone exploring on horse back. That little Moiya has turned into such a great buddy for you! So glad you’re having fun!

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