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The Printable Pony Etsy Store

A few weeks ago I hinted at a project I was working on. I was super secretive [which is not easy for me] and asked some of you to do some beta testing for me, for which I was super grateful. Many of you responded and gave me some wonderful feedback, some of which I’ve incorporated already and some that I’ve filed away for the future. Either way, thanks in large part to all of you, I’m ready to reveal my new project:

The Printable Pony Etsy Store

The Printable Pony Logo

The Printable Pony currently sells printable PDF files to help you streamline and organize your equestrian life. Our main product is the Printable Pony Horse Binder, which is essentially a one-stop for all of your horse’s important information and documents. Perfect for keeping your equine files and paper clutter organized, these printables combine to create an incredible equine management binder system for the home or barn by keeping all valuable information centralized in one location. It includes 13 personalized PDFs:

  • Personalized Binder Coversheet
  • 12-Month Equestrian Calendar
  • Important Dates List
  • Goals Checklist
  • Basic Equine Information Sheet
  • Health Records
  • Emergency Care and Contact Information
  • First Aid Inventory Checklist
  • Trailer Maintenance Checklist
  • Horse Show Packing List [choose from English/Hunter Jumper, Dressage, Eventing or Western]
  • Personalized Show Stall Card
  • Monthly Equine Budget Worksheet
  • Notes Page

The Printable Pony Horse Binder

The best part is that once you buy these PDF printables, you can reprint them time and time again for no additional cost! All files are editable, so you can type out the information on the computer and then print, or if you happen to have great handwriting, you can do it the old-fashioned way too. The Printable Pony Etsy Store also sells a few of these printables separately for $3.50 each. Personally, I think this would make for a great gift for your fellow barn mates, or maybe even a few horse husbands will read thisΒ and buy it for their horse-crazy significant others.

To thank all of you for reading, and to celebrate the grand opening of The Printable Pony, here’s a 30% off coupon! Just type in the code GRANDOPENING30 at checkout; but don’t wait! This offer expires next Friday, Dec. 12.

The Printable Pony Horse Binder Cover


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25 thoughts to “The Printable Pony Etsy Store”

  1. I tried time and time again to do this since my first horse and just never kept up with it. This is something I know I’d definitely be interested in! Especially for this coming year! Planning to do a whole lot more. Great job!!! Looks fantastic.

    1. It’s so nice to have things easily accessible. And I’m totally one of those people who can’t remember anything unless I write it down, so this is really great for me!

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