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PNC Park

The ‘Burgh

Last weekend I indulged my husband and went on a short trip to Pittsburgh to watch baseball. He comes to all my horse shows, so a few times a year we travel to see his favorite team (the Atlanta Braves) play. Typically we go to Cincinnati… but I hate that city and somehow we always have some sort of comedy of errors that lead to a bad time. This year, we figured we’d go to Pittsburgh. It’s only one additional hour away, compared to Cinci, and neither of us had ever been. So on Friday morning we packed up and headed out.

PNC Park

Of course on Friday the weather in the Midwest was horrendous; in Pittsburgh the high was 31ยฐ with snow showers. None-the-less, we layered up and went to the game. Since the weather was terrible, we ended up getting amazing seats — just a few rows back on the first base line! Between the great seats, beer jacket and copious amounts of food, I soldiered through the entire 9 innings. The Braves were down most of the game, made a valiant effort to catch up towards the end, but just couldn’t pull out a win.

Pittsburgh Pirates vs Atlanta Braves
So cold, but amazing seats for Opening Day!

Saturday was an evening game, so we went to the Pittsburgh Zoo, which was… disappointing. Although I supposed compared to the Columbus Zoo, most will probably fall short. But the weather was nice — sunny and in the high 50’s — so it was honestly just nice to be outside.ย After that we drove to the Strip Market District and explored that — tons of unique shops selling lots of Pittsburgh gear, and of course I managed to find the corner that had puppies for adoption. It was tough to walk away without one…

Pittsburgh Zoo

That evening the game was so much warmer — I went in just a sweatshirt! We even sat next to some fellow Braves fans, which was a lot of fun. I ate tacos, pulled pork nachos and a few beers… but the Braves still didn’t win. Sunday morning Sam and I got up and headed home so I could get to the barn and ride. The weather was gorgeous and I was so happy to see the ponies. It was nice to take a short break, but I still missed them <3


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8 thoughts to “The ‘Burgh”

  1. Yay! I love baseball! Yankee fan here… sounds like your hubby’s team and mine like to play the same way. Always trying for the big comeback at the end. Thank goodness for stadium food to dull the angst of it all.
    Sounds like a great break from the normal routine, and you still got some pony time in too!

  2. Silent stalker here ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m from Pittsburgh (living inSC now) and that stadium is one of my favorites. With the Pirates being so awful for most of my life going to a baseball game was always great – you could get baseline seats for $20-30 and watch them get creamed by a good team.

    The zoo is small and compared to Columbus is not really worth it. The Aviary though is amazing. We had annual passes when we lived there. Of course you have to like birds to enjoy it.

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