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Sock it to Me Package

Thank You Eventing in Color!

I got a very wonderful surprise in the mail today: my gift from the Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange! Pretty much the only mail I get are bills, so anytime I get something else in my mailbox I get pretty excited. Just imagine a fiveย year old doing a happy dance in the middle of the parking lot… except I’m 26. So while it might not be nearly as cute, it’s certainly just as entertaining. Now that you can properly visualize the scene, let’s get to the loot!

Sock it to Me stocking
Socks… IN A SOCK! <3

Sarah from Eventing in Color sent me a wonderful early Christmas present and I cannot thank her enough! She bought me three pairs of my favorite winter socks from Sock it to Me!! They arrived in the cutest little stocking that may or may not be hanging up in my house as holiday decor now. Each pair is a different color and pattern: purple unicorns, blue fish and a red dragon; they are so cool. I have a mild obsession with boot socks and I really like to color coordinate my outfits because I’m still a little girl at heart [see above re: happy dance].

Sock it to Me Socks
Buckeye Christmas Plate Not Included ๐Ÿ™‚

So thanks for a great gift Sarah!!


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27 thoughts to “Thank You Eventing in Color!”

  1. See, people think I am crazy when I say, “I just want socks!” SOCKS ARE AWESOME. (well, I hate those super thin boot ones, but normal socks…) Thank you for making my point because, THOSE ARE AWESOME!

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