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Riding Socks

TBA Blog Hop: Riding Socks

It’s blog hop season, apparently! TBA just started her very first blog hop, and I’m really excited to participate, especially since her first topic is on one of my random equestrian obsessions: riding socks. Some girls like to buy lots of makeup or Louboutin shoes… I like to buy riding socks. I guess in the grand scheme of things, this unhealthy obsession of mine is at least relatively cheap [let’s face it, Zocks are cheaper than Maybelline]. I get really excited when new colors and patterns come out, and I literally cannot physically check out at a tack shop without buying a pair of boot socks. My collection is mostly made up of Ovation Zocks, but I have a few Sox Trots and Sock It To Me’s in my drawer as well… and yes, I have an entire drawer dedicated to just riding socks. I told you I had a problem!

Honestly, I don’t really have a favorite brand; all three brands I have I love. I use Zocks and Sox’s in the summer, because they’re thinner. My Sock it to Me’s are a bit thicker, but they keep my toes from going numb with cold in the winter, so that’s a bonus. My biggest consideration when buying riding socks is how cute the pattern is… because I’m obviously five years old and very mature. Lately, I’ve been hunting for some new colors to add to my collection: namely orange and green. Also, Ohio State Buckeyes riding socks would be a fantastic addition to my collection. So if you’re out and about and happen to see any cute ones, send ’em my way!

Riding Socks
The clean half of my sock collection


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