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Miles Badonkadonk

Spring Sillies

We’ve reached the point of spring in the Midwest where all it does is rain and the pastures are saturated, and complete mud pits. While I’m definitely grateful for the warmer temperatures, Miles isn’t happy being stuck inside so much. Less turnout means more energy and Miles doesn’t always use his enthusiasm for good.

Miles hamming it up for the camera
Always smiling for the camera

Last week I lunged in the Pessoa rig and Miles tossed his head around and crow hopped, so he got to canter extra laps. A few days later I hopped on for a flat school and as soon as I mounted up, I knew he was up. I let him walk around and waited for the ring to clear out a bit, in hopes that a calmer atmosphere would help him settle down. But as soon as I picked up a trot, he flung his head around and humped his back… so I stopped and got off. I’m really all about self-preservation right now — I really don’t want to hit the dirt. So I threw him on the lunge line and he was wild.

Miles ALERT at the trot
So attractive. Very majestic. Much wow.

I’m talking full-out galloping, huge bucks and just general shenanigans for about 20 minutes straight. So we went around and around, both directions — Big Red isn’t flabby, he’s been in light work all winter and the Pessoa keeps him in pretty good shape… but he’s not summer show season fit. So after 30 minutes of lunging he was pooped. I got back on, just to prove to myself that I could and that he’d behave, and we politely did a tiny bit of w/t/c in each direction. The next day I wanted to do a short long and low hack to make sure he felt okay and loosen him up. He was still pretty forward (for Miles, in the indoor, anyways), but was pretty well-behaved with no threats of dolphin leaping.

Miles Badonkadonk
…at least he’s got a sexy booty?

Yesterday Miles worked for the third day in a row (he was NOT happy about it), but we got to ride outside and he was really, really good. I switched my whip to a shorter crop, which helped somewhat with his zoomies and anticipating upward transitions. Of course, the weather forecast continues to call for rain all week and I’m going out of town over the weekend… so I’ll probably have to repeat the entire series of rides next week. But at least he feels good!


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15 thoughts on “Spring Sillies

  1. ugh the spring sillies are definitely here! i see it in charlie and all the other horses around us too. and the smell of grass is in the air driving them all wild lol. hopefully the weather normalizes soon!

  2. “Miles doesn’t always use his enthusiasm for good.” Yeppppp, I know this red gelding stereotype. 😉 Copper can certainly be up sometimes too, and he’s on 24/7 turnout. You and I seem to have very similar strategies for handling these sillies. Self preservation is where it’s at. haha

  3. Where Ruby is boarded the turnouts are basically underwater, so she’s been stalled for most of the last week. I like living, so all we’re doing right now is lunging 😂

  4. I’m so with you. Knight is more even keel, but my previous TB–if he was having a day like that….I would quickly hop off and turn out or lunge. That’s how I’ve managed to live to tell the tale. Some days I could just tell, the minute he stepped out of the stall and the look in his eye.
    Glad I’m not the only one who values staying in one piece more than cowgirl-ing it out. 🐴

  5. I am SO TIRED of Midwest monsoon season. No arena = no riding lest I tear up the fields. Combined with some days of no turnout, going back to work is going to be FUN.

  6. I spend a lot of time convincing horses to use their powers for good, not evil, so I really laughed at that part of your entry. He’s lucky you’re persistent. He’s so cute though 🙂

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