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How Miles Spooks

Spring Fever

Apparently, spring has sprung and caused a fever in my horse. No, not an actual fever — more like a simple case of the batshit crazies. To Miles, spring means frolicking through the fields and jumping in the outdoor. Unfortunately Mother Nature is not cooperating and Miles isn’t getting to do any of the aforementioned activities. Yesterday he finally said ‘enough is enough’ and sprung a full-blown temper tantrum. I’m dubbing this episode ‘Spring Fever 2015’.

After a long day at work I arrived at the barn around 7 pm. I said to myself: I’ll just knock the dust off and have a quick, easy ride. You know that saying ‘if you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans’? I’m pretty sure after I said that God looked like the laughing/crying emoji — just buckled over laughing so hard he started to wheeze. As soon as I swung my foot into the stirrup, I could tell Miles was more energetic than usual, but really he wasn’t that bad. We walked and trotted just fine, but when I asked for the canter he ducked his head and started shaking it.

Miles Spooky Trot
This is Miles’ on HIGH ALERT. Very intimidating, lol

At first, I was like ‘WTF?’, regrouped and tried again. Every time I asked for the canter, Miles would take a few steps, shaking and tossing his head like he does when he’s being sassy and then break to a slow jog. Finally, he stopped picking up the canter altogether. That in itself isn’t abnormal for Miles — sometimes he gets grumpy about upward transitions. So I always carry a crop, and I tapped him on the rump like I always do. And he squealed.

How Miles Spooks
This is what a Miles spook looks like. Oh yeah, super rowdy.

I was so shocked — I’ve NEVER heard him make a noise like that ever in my life, and especially not under saddle. So finally, finally it clicked in my little pea-brain that maybe my horse was over-excited. So I got off, stripped his tack and turned him out in the small indoor. At first, he just stood there — I thought for a second, maybe I was wrong. So I marched in with my lunging equipment to whip my bad little pony into shape. No way he’s going to get away with a free pass!! Then I thought, oh, maybe I’ll just cluck at him a little and see what happens. Well folks, this is what happened:

Yeah, in case you ever doubted whether I really did own an 8-year-old Thoroughbred, now you know. After he did this for about 15 minutes, we had a short lunging session where he was very well-behaved. I tacked him back up and hopped on for about 10 minutes just to give myself some confidence that I could indeed canter my horse without dying.


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16 thoughts on “Spring Fever

  1. Aw Miles, what a character! He had two VERY nice flying lead changes in there!

    The cooler temps and high winds definitely hasn’t helped this week. Dassah bolted twice on a hack outside (got surprised by a flapping tarp and a truck pulling around the side of the barn) and it was so windy and loud in my ears, completely discombobulating, that I didn’t even realize what was happening until we were suddenly 15 feet to the right.

  2. Awww, Miles is such a cutie even when he’s being a naughty pony!

    I think spring fever is affecting them all! Moe was a fruitcake this morning while I was setting up cavaletti, tearing around the arena at full tilt! I was afraid he was considering jumping out of it!

  3. Haha, Red did this exact same thing a few days ago. I’m used to his squeals – it’s his way of pretending to be high strung so I let him run, rofl. Untacked him and he went off running, tacked back up and he was all good. 😉

  4. Estella did this in the outdoor tonight but because it is SO big she ran wayyyyyy too hard. And of course wouldn’t stop. Except in the corner in knee deep mud. Awesome. Tomorrow’s day consists of “how lame is my horse going to be?” :/

  5. I have arrived twice this week to see my horse tearing around her pasture. I guess I’m grateful that 1. I wasn’t on her and 2. she was warming herself up. Springtime sillies in full affect!

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