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Sorry for the Radio Silence

It’s been more than a week since my last post, and for that I’m sorry. But I’m still alive and so is Miles.

Shortly after my last post, shit hit the fan. I had a short lesson on Monday (Jan. 20) which actually went fairly well — after picking up a dressage whip, Miles went willingly forward with no cow-kicking or bucking and we successfully trotted and cantered over a crossrail. Unfortunately, that’s the last time I was able to ride due to weather. It seems Polar Vortex No. 2 has hit the midwest and is sticking around… which really, really sucks. And is not conducive to riding my horse.

I also had a terrible week at work, which included some serious conversations with HR. So that part of my life is also currently in a downward spiral. And to top it all off I got selected for jury duty at the beginning of February, which means my already busy schedule at work now includes doing four weeks of work in two. Awesome sauce.

Anyways, I just wanted to pop in and tell ya’ll not to worry (which you probably weren’t, but I like to flatter myself) and apologize in advance for not posting much this month. I don’t expect my schedule to lighten until February, but I’ll try not to let it be another week until my next update.

Stay warm and give your horse(s) a kiss and a carrot for me!


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12 thoughts to “Sorry for the Radio Silence”

  1. I’m glad that your last ride was a good one! Maybe the mini-vaca will be good for Miles. 🙂 Good luck at work. I hope that it warms up quickly!

  2. It’s tough when work is stressful and you can’t go ride to make it better 🙁 Hang in there and I hope that downward spiral turns around for the better quickly!

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