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SmartPak Piper Breeches with Silicone Grip Spring 2016

SmartPak Piper Breeches For All

Spring has sprung, and in addition to warmer temperatures and blooming flowers, equestrian brands are releasing their 2016 spring collections. I like peruse some of the bigger brands (Ariat, RJ Classics, etc.) just to see what’s new and fashionable, but I usually don’t buy anything I don’t need. This year, SmartPak substantially expanded their Piper Breech collection, and in addition to new fit and new colors, I got a 5% discount code (PIPERC16), plus a $15 gift card for my anniversary of putting Miles on autoship SmartPaks. So I bought a few new pairs, and thought I’d share some of the new SmartPak Piper Breeches options with everyone.

SmartPak Piper Breeches Spring 2016 Colors

New Colors

SmartPak released 6 new color combinations of their Piper Breech this season. My personal favorite is grey + turquoise, but navy + dove isn’t far behind. In case you’re keeping track, SmartPak Piper Breeches now come in 12 different color combinations… and that’s JUST knee patch breeches! Full seats come in two additional plaid options, PLUS white with grey accents.

SmartPak Piper Classic Breeches Spring 2016

In addition to the new tried-and-true fun color combinations, SmartPak also debuted the brand new SmartPak Piper Classic breech, which is a traditional twist on their bestselling line of breeches. Available in both knee patch (front or side zip) and full seat, the Piper Classics come in four colors, without any accent piping and they’ve ditched the big rear pockets with SmartPak logo.

SmartPak Piper Breeches with Silicone Grip Spring 2016

New Fabric and New Design

Silicone grip is all the rage, and several high-end breech brands are known for their super-grippy knee patch and full seats. SmartPak jumped on the trend this spring by introducing Pipers with Silicone Grip in both knee patch and full seat. The best part? The silicone grips are in contrasting colors — talk about wow factor! So far, the knee patch and full seats come in 5 color combinations, and I fully admit to already purchasing a pair.

SmartPak Piper Knit and Silicone Breeches Spring 2016

Aside from the Silicone Grip, Pipers now come in a new knit fabric. It’s constructed with a 4-way stretch cotton blend knit fabric that allows for excellent stretch, recovery, and compression. And (bonus) the knee patch and full seat Knit Pipers all have Silicone Grip (albeit in a more conservative same-color)… but a different  design. Also of note, the Knit Pipers don’t have contrast colors or rear pockets… but they do come in 5 colors.

SmartPak Piper Breeches New Fit Options for Spring 2016

New Fit Options

Aside from front zip and side options, SmartPak Pipers also have Plus-Size options and they just released a new Piper Modified Rise Breech that promises a higher (to your belly button) rise, instead of the low-rise that tend to be more popular among the younger generation. They offer 6 of the 12 color combos (the best 6, in my opinion), and promise to offer “a little more coverage.” SmartPak also created Junior Pipers, with all the same fun of Piper Breech color combinations, in girls sizes 8-14. Finally, if your willing to try out the new knit fabric, SmartPak Piper Breeches also come in boot cut.

Which one is your favorite?


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21 thoughts to “SmartPak Piper Breeches For All”

  1. I’m intrigued by the new fit but I’m not sure I’m willing to spend the money to try them again after multiple times being disappointed. Maybe I’ll do it if I make another Smartpak order soon.

  2. Options overload, please help! I would have loved the pair I tried before had the fabric not pilled up so fast (2-3 rides so I returned). With the need for so many new breeches in a different size I would love for a cheaper brand to work out so maybe the new fabric is worth a shot.

  3. Modified mid rise!!!!!!!!! Yes yes yes yes!!!! I can not wear low rise (my hips are higher up plus I need help hiding my love handles not accentuating them) I’m totally intrigued by the new styles and will totally be ordering some soon 🙂 My favorite new color is probably the grey and turquoise followed by navy and fuchsia- so glad they’ve come out with more styles- love the color contrast with the silicone patches!

  4. I’ve got SP on the brain now they’re doing FREE 2 day shipping to CA!!!! Holy crap! I’m excited! They also went crazy on their Piper expansion!

  5. I so so soooo wish my pipers fit me better. They just have so many cute options (and even more now, holy moses!) but the crotch just sags way too much and I constantly have to keep pulling them up, despite having a belt. I would love a pair of the charcoal and lilac silicone ones, damnit.

  6. Pipers aren’t the best fit for me, but the colors are so much fun I own 3 pairs. They make great winter schooling breeches because they’re so thick. It helps that I can buy them in the clearance section at the retail store for >$50 🙂

  7. I’ve been wanting to try a pair of these for a while since I mostly ride in jeans. Now I have to. I just ordered an awesome custom saddle pad and the gray/turquoise color will go perfectly with it. And now I see they have bootcut! I hate having tight stuff around my lower legs, so this is perfect. Thanks for the post about the breeches. Now to go choose my options.

  8. THANK YOU for this write up! I’d have never known otherwise as I very rarely shop around. I’m going to keep a lookout for sales this year and pick some up before my shows in the fall. =)

  9. I have four pair of Pipers (three knee patch and 1 full seat). The full seats sag the least. I promised not to buy another pair because I don’t like the fit so much, but when I got my new catalog showing the modified rise … well, I am very tempted. SmartPak has been bombarding my email with a 20% off coupon. I am going to wait a bit though and see if some reviews come in about the new fit. When I finally cave, I am going for the navy/dove combination in the full seats with the modified rise. Maybe they won’t sag so much. :0)

  10. Of course you post this when I’m in retail therapy mode! 😉 I’m kind of digging the higher rise version because my Pipers gap badly at the moment.. and the brown plaid full seats are so cute.. Ugh! Please tell me no!

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