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Show Me Your Barn

After totally freaking out and losing my mind last week, I’m happy to report that I’ve recovered my sanity (well, mostly), thanks to you all. I really appreciate all the suggestions and commiserating from you all — it really helped me dig myself out of the dark hole of misery and into a plan of action (which I’ll share later in the week!)

Anyways, in case you’re living under a rock, Ashley (Horses: The Process of Learning) and SprinklerBanditsΒ are hosting a blog hop: Show Me Your Barn! I love seeing all the facilities of my blogger friends, so I figured I’d hop on the bandwagon.
Timber Run Farm

A View of the Barn

Miles is boarded at a facility about half an hour outside the city, kind of in the middle of nowhere. The owners live on the property, but I hardly ever see them. They have excellent staff including two barn managers, one of which also lives on the property and is at the barn just about 24/7.
There are numerous buildings on the property, including the front office, main barn with 16 stalls, the big barn with 40 stalls (divided into the North and South barns) and the main indoor arena. The feed room is actually also a barn with stalls, but it is purely storage right now. And finally across the river, there is a quarantine barn, which currently houses equipment.
Miles Stall

Miles’s House

Miles lives in the last stall on the right of the North barn. My trainer’s horses and clients are mostly in that section, so that’s where Miles gets to live! He has a wonderful ocean view view of the pond through a window and gets to be part of the action all the time. All the horses get box fans in the summer and boarders can provide heated water buckets in the winter, all at no extra charge. Stalls are cleaned seven days a week, although you’d never know it by looking at Miles’ house… he doesn’t keep things very clean.
My tackroom

The Tackroom

Each aisle has two heated tackrooms in both the North and South barns. They are heated in the winter (score!) and have keypad locks on the doors. I share my tackroom with my trainer and four of her clients. Not pictured is the wonderful couch at the opposite end of all my junk. I’m located in the far right corner, and I’m working hard to contain my hoarder tendencies so I don’t spill over into anyone else’s territory. We’ll just say it’s a constant work in progress…
Large back indoor.


I am very lucky in that the farm has numerous riding areas, especially when the weather is nice. We have two indoor arenas, an outdoor sand area, an outdoor grass arena, large jump field, and 15 miles of directly connected trails. Basically, I am spoiled rotten with places to ride.
During the winter, I mostly ride in the large back indoor ring. It has mirrors along one short side and a viewing corner with a heated hut for visitors. The second indoor is inbetween the North and South barns (in the big barn) and it’s quite a bit smaller, so I never jump more than just a small single vertical in there, and it’s a bit darker and spookier, but it’s a fabulous place to ride, especially if there’s a lesson going on in the back.
Timber Run Family

My Favorite Feature

I can’t just pick one! I love all the turnout — there’s enough for individual turnout so Miles can go out all by his lonesome, but be right next to others so he doesn’t feel alone. With two indoor arenas, there is option for indoor turnout during the winter and spring when the weather sucks.
But really, my favorite feature is the people. The staff is amazing — they are constantly checking on the horses, I can text one of the barn managers if I need something and they always respond. And of course, all the boarders are very friendly and I just love the little horse show family we have going on.


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  1. I think I would get lost in a facility so big! I wish I had access to an outdoor arena for good weather riding, but I guess when it came down to it I would take an indoor over an outdoor.

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