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SFTS Blog Hop: That One Thing

In the last year, I’ve become totally and overwhelmingly addicted to tack. It started out innocently enough — new horse needs certain things I don’t own. But then… it spiraled into I WANT ALL THE THINGS and I indulged. Let’s not forget my first goal review of the year where pretty much all accomplished was spending money on tack. Oops. The first step to overcoming addiction is admitting your problem and now I’m finally on to the fixing it stage. But that doesn’t mean I don’t window shop with fervor. Thus, this blog hop from Stories from the Saddle is like nirvana for me right now. Here’s what I’m currently lusting after:

Equifit Luxe Open Front Boots

Yeah, that’s what I want. Why? No reason other than they are really pretty and I’m totally convinced Miles would look like a badass in leather boots. I can’t wear them to show in [Hunters aren’t allowed to wear any boots] and I’m not planning on showing in Equitation any time soon [plus boots in 2’6″ equitation would be overkill]. But they’re still really pretty and I want them. I also want the matching ankle boots too, please.

Ariat Heritage Field Boots in Sienna

Also, some brown field boots to school in would be just fantastic. Again, I totally don’t need these and really have no reason for them since again… I can’t show in them, but they’re beautiful. Just look at that color!! And a girl really can’t have too many pairs of shoes, right?! And if I got Miles those Equifit boots, we could match… all hunter princesses like to be matchy-matchy! Plus, a little birdie told me that Ariat is adding an XWide calf option next year for those of us with athletic calves — WOOHOO!

So, what are you lusting after right now?


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20 thoughts to “SFTS Blog Hop: That One Thing”

  1. Ummm… They come in brown? Those are probably the sexiest field boots I’ve ever seen. And yes, leather boots, the reason? No reason… They are just as sexy. And if you have the sexy field boots… He needs sexy boots too.

    1. Pretty sure my very traditional trainer would have a heart attack if I did that! She wouldn’t even let me show hunters in a GPA Speed Air because it was too “futuristic” haha

  2. I too covet those brown boots. Nearly peed myself when I first saw them. I’ve seen them in person and wiped the drool off the toe cap. Thankfully, on top of not needing them for any reason at all, Ariat doesn’t make my size combination so I’m far less tempted to burn a few hundred dollars.

  3. DYING for those boots. Too bad I just bought new tall boots uh, last week? I will say I bought the Heritage Contours though and LOVE them – also ended up in the full calf even though I measure a wide – so there’s hope yet!

    1. Oooh, yay! I have the old version of the Heritage boots, so I’m really glad to hear the updated Contour version are just as awesome

  4. I love the look of the equifit boots but they do not fit Poppy. If you so decide to make that leap try them on or borrow someone’s first if you can. I’m hoping Luxxx can use them it else in eBay they will go…

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