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Rolex Three-Day Event by flickr user FiveFurlongs

Rolex Meet-Up

Even though I’m a hunter/jumper… well hunter to be exact, I still have a huge appreciation for a variety of disciplines. I’m always impressed and somewhat in awe of those equestrians who compete in disciplines I myself could never fathom attempting… mostly because I am an admitted weenie adult amateur. And let me tell you, the list of disciplines that fall into the “too scary to ever even consider trying” is embarrassing long, and includes things such as 1D Barrel Racing and Combined Driving. And at the very tippy, top is high-level Eventing.

I think I could handle Dressage, although it would probably take me 50 years to master the movements. Stadium jumping could be dicey… and I’d probably never make the time because tight turns are… you guessed it, scary! But what really just throws Eventing out of the realm of possibility for me is Cross Country. You have to have some serious lady balls to do that… and I don’t.

So any chance I get to read about Eventing, I absolutely love because it’s just so out of my comfort zone. And watching Eventing? It’s just fucking awesome. Because damn, are those some good riders and great horses.

Rolex Three Day Event Dressage by flickr user FiveFurlongs

And this coming weekend the Kentucky Horse Park is hosting one helluva three day event: Rolex! While it might not be the most prestigious three-day event in the country, it’s one of my favorites. I had the chance to spectate in 2008 and it was… Amazing. Thrilling. Spectacular. So to say I’m pumped to go again for my Bachelorette party would be an understatement. Ponies, shopping, jumping, liquor and good food pretty much sounds like paradise to me!!

Being that there are a plethora of eventing blogs, I’m sure some of you must be attending. I’d love to meet up with anyone who’s interested, maybe for lunch on Saturday or Sunday? Or drinks at night? Or to shop? Haha, pick your poison, I’m up for anything!!
Anyone interested in meeting up, feel free to email me: tbidwell614(at)gmail(dot)com. I hope to see some of you there!!


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25 thoughts to “Rolex Meet-Up”

  1. I’ll be there this year! Just for Saturday, though. Nibbles’ show is on Sunday. I hope the weather stays nice this year! Some years it’s 80+ degrees and I get sunburnt. Other years it’s barely 30 and I’m a popsicle.

  2. I was saying we should organize a meet-up at like 3:00 somewhere for drinks but I can’t figure out how to organize it well!! I will be there 🙂 And I use to think THE SAME thing about cross country, but my trainer did the worst thing she could ever do- she put me on a super solid confidence-builder horse that took me around my first xc school and then put me on a sturdy mustang for my first season. THEN, Wiz took over and his love for xc and scope just completely melted my fear. For the first time ever I went to Rolex and thought “geez, I could actually do this one day…” …insane. The horses that can be eventers are AMAZING creatures- they really just have so much heart.

  3. Lol, your description of eventing sounds very similar to mine. It is great fun to watch though, and occasionally I trot over the baby logs and bank at our barn just to feel a little braver.

    1. Haha — it’s a tremendous sport… but I just cannot see myself ever being able to do it. Kudos to those that do for sure!!

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