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Sam and Tracy Driving through Georgia

Road Trippin’ Through Georgia

Wow, I have so many updates for ya’ll! It’s been way to long since my last post, but I’m finally settled in enough after our whirlwind start to October to sit down and talk about all the awesome that’s happened. To start, I’m backing all the way up to our vacation last week in Georgia. We’ve been planning this trip for over a year, and both my husband and I were really excited. Our plan was to fly to Atlanta for one night, drive to Athens for a night and then spend a few days on the coast in Savannah.

Sam and Tracy Driving through Georgia

Atlanta and the Braves

We started off our trip in Atlanta for the sole purpose of watching a Braves baseball game in Turner Field. Sam is a huge baseball fan and the Braves are his favorite team, but he’s never been to their home stadium… and since the Braves are getting a new stadium next year, this was our last chance! Sam grew up watching the Braves play at Turner Field, so it was a really big deal for him to finally get to actually sit in those seats and be part of the home team crowd. We ate really good food (the selection at Turner Field is awesome), drank some beer and enjoyed a great game. Afterwards they did Friday night fireworks (their biggest ever) which was absolutely spectacular. All in all, it was a great night and I’m so glad we got to see the third to last game at Turner Field!

sam and tracy in atlanta

Athens and the Bulldogs

After spending the night in Atlanta, the next morning we hopped in the car and drove an hour and half East to Athens. The drive was really easy — all state routes, and fairly direct — but the best part was the scenery. Georgia pines and wildflowers lined every road we drove down and made for a fun ride. After checking into our hotel, we walked down towards campus to get a feel for the layout and the area… and of course to find a bookstore to arm ourselves with the UGA gear for the football game that afternoon! We quickly found out that open containers are allowed on campus (in fact, we saw a huge party in progress on the front steps of the Learning Center), which pretty much sealed the deal: we LOVED Athens and the University of Georgia.

At the bookstore we grabbed our gear (plus a Georgia Equestrian t-shirt), ran back to our hotel to change and then headed over to the game. We grabbed some drinks on the way and followed the massive crowd to Samford Stadium. It was an in-conference game, Georgia vs Tennessee, and we saw a lot of Tennessee fans. The game was great — the last 20 seconds featured TWO touchdowns and even though Georgia lost on a last second Hail Mary pass, we had a ton of fun.

Sam and Tracy in Athens

Savannah and the River

Next up on our Georgia road trip was a visit to Savannah. The drive was about four hours, again through beautiful countryside in rural Georgia. Our hotel was one block from the river and riverfront restaurants and shops. The first night we had dinner with family (my aunt recently retired to southern South Carolina), and it was really good to see her and her husband. We had drinks on a rooftop bar afterward (thanks to Beka’s great recommendation) and watched some cargo ships go up and down the river. We stayed in Savannah for a few days to relax and explore. We met Beka from The Owls Approve for lunch and had a great time chatting about beer, horses and life in general. We went on a walking tour and learned about the history of the area, and saw some wonderful architecture… plus caught some water Pokemon (haha, I’m such a nerd!).

We also took a short trip to Tybee Island on the Atlantic Coast and walked down the beach, enjoyed some waves and looked out across one of the piers. Of course the best part for us was the awesome seafood — the crab was especially tasty and I couldn’t get enough of Beka’s awesome restaurants. I think we went to almost every place she suggested and we were never disappointed!

Sam and Tracy in Savannah

All in all it was a great trip! We got to enjoy some great sportsball, drive through picturesque rural Georgia, meet a blogger (my favorite!!), enjoy some seafood and beer. What more is there?!


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  1. As a born and raised Georgia girl, this makes me happy! I graduated from UGA, and there really is nothing like a Saturday in Athens! I’m glad you had a great trip.

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