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Miles Winter 2015

Retail Therapy

As you may have guessed from my last post, this month has been a bit difficult (for several reasons). So I’ve done a little bit of retail therapy in the last few days, and I have to admit, I’m kind of excited for my (slightly excessive and totally unnecessary) purchases.

Vespucci Plain Raised Standing Martingale

I have a strong affinity for high-end Italian leather. I love my Prestige Meredith saddle, and Vespucci is my all-time favorite brand of bridles… evidenced by the fact that I own not one, but TWO of them. I’m also a picky hunter princess and I like to be matchy-matchy when it comes to my tack. When I first figured out my show bridle was Vespucci, I went on the hut for a matching martingale and got a steal of a deal on a used one via Facebook. Then not to long after that, I found a brand new bridle on super discount and couldn’t leave it. So now my horse has a fancy stitch Vespucci for shows and a plain raised Vespucci for schooling.

Miles Winter 2015
He’s only a little bit spoiled

Of course, I’ve wanted a matching martingale to school in too. But I never found a great deal on a used one, so I kept putting it off because those suckers are expensive. But last week I was feeling down, and I got a bonus from work. So I said fuck it and spent $200 on a brand, new Vespucci martingale. Excessive? Absolutely. Do I regret it? Not even a little bit. It arrived late last week and it’s absolutely beautiful.

I also ordered my first C4 belt, after reading so many bloggers rave about them. I only own one belt, and it’s a very plain brown — great for horse shows, but not so much fun for schooling. So I went wild and ordered Navy Bits N Pieces, with a silver chrome buckle. Navy and grey is my jam, so I’m pretty stoked for it to get here. Sometimes, the pleasure of new stuff is just what you need.

C4 Belt in Navy Bits N Pieces with Silver Chrome Buckle


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17 thoughts to “Retail Therapy”

  1. Treat yo self 🙂

    I need to get Annie a schooling bridle but I really want it to be as nice like CWD so I’m waiting for super sale or deal of the century haha. I also still need to get matching reins and martingale for her for shows but since we aren’t showing anytime soon I have time.

  2. I love that your splurges are so practical. Like. Somehow two bridles is over the top? Lol. You must never talk to my husband.

    Because yes, I ordered my THIRD set of bandage liners last week.

  3. TREAT YOSELF 2016!

    I have FOUR C4 belts….no I am not obsessed…OK maybe a little. I love them! Also Vespucci, mmmmm to die for. I’m always eyeing their bridles on ETT

  4. Great choices! Sometimes a little retail therapy soothes the soul.
    Also, I’m shocked and awed by you only having two belts. I have a gazillion. At least.

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