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Quarterly Review of Goals – 2014 Q1

Wow, I can hardly believe that it’s April, and time for my first quarterly review of goals! My first impression is that I’m not doing very well, but I guess we’ll see. Here goes nothing:

Tracy’s Riding Goals

  • Increase flexibility (hamstrings, right ankle)
    Well… my right ankle has been more flexible lately, and I’ve focused on sinking my weight down into my heels when I ride. I’ve also been more cognizant of my weaker ride side, so I think that part of the goal is coming along. Hamstrings… I haven’t worked on. 
  • Increase Leg Strength
    Now that I’m riding more (because it’s warmer than 10 degrees) my leg strength is improving, but it’s definitely not where it needs to be, and it’s not stronger than last summer. I need to up the ante and dedicate part of every ride to this goal. 
  • Improve Flat Position, with a straight line from shoulders to hips to heels
    I have not worked on this, at all. Okay, well I’ve been trying to stretch up through my core a bit, but I really need to try harder. 
  • Improve Jumping Position, with more break over at the hips
    Um, epic fail so far this year. 
  • Consistently jump 2’6” in lessons
    I have started to jump bigger jumps in lessons, albeit slowly. So, still a work in progress.
  • Show 2’6”
    No shows, so nope. 

hunter derby gate obstacle

Miles’ Goals 

  • Improve lengthening and shortening within all 3 gaits
    We’ve started to incorporate this in the last few rides, and it’s starting to come along, especially at the trot. I need to begin working at the walk and canter as well. So at least progress is being made here. 
  • Improve balance, especially through tighter turns
    Minimal work has been done here. Must do more circles! 
  • Increase stamina/power to the left
    We have good days and bad days with this… but I think once the weather breaks, I’ll really be able to work more on conditioning. 
  • Gain more muscling in neck and topline
    This has been one area of improvement! Miles’ neck is looking so much stronger, it’s thicker and (gasp) actually has muscle! His topline is also coming right along, and while I’m hoping for continued improvement over the summer, it’s already 110% better than it was back in September. YAY FOR SUCCESS! 

Personal Goals 

  • Stick to a workout plan
    Well, I’ve been more active lately, but other than riding, I haven’t been working out much. Shame, shame, shame. 
  • Learn portion control
    I struggle at dinner time and on the weekends, but at least I have M-F breakfast and lunch under control. 
  • Increase core strength
  • Lose 25 pounds
    Double oops. 
  • Create a more inclusive budget
    Epic fail. Not only have I not changed my budget, I haven’t even done it on time each month. I need to get back into this routine ASAP. 

tennis shoes macro

Bucket List 

  • Win a blue ribbon with Miles
  • Win a division champion with Miles
  • Show in a 2’6″ Equitation Over Fences class
  • Show in a Hunter Derby/Special Class
  • Go to an A-Rated show
  • Go to an overnight (for me) show
  • Ride on the beach
  • Trail ride with Sam
I haven’t accomplished any of these, but that’s okay. That’s why they’re on the “bucket list” and not the “goals list.” With that said, most of these goals are horse show related, and my show season hasn’t started yet, so I haven’t even had an opportunity to check these boxes yet. 

Tack Wishlist 

  • Close contact saddle
    Bought a Prestige Meredith! 
  • Stirrup leathers from Gary Mundy
    I’m crossing this one off because I got leathers with my new saddle, so there’s really no need to buy another pair 
  • Shaped fleece pad that fits my new saddle
  • Liquid Leather Spanish top Tall Boots
  • Helmet with removable, machine wash liner
    I bough a new Samshield at the end of March, yippee! 
  • Tailored Sportsman Breeches
  • New hunt coat


I’m spending lots of money, which is evident by the fact that my Tack Wishlist is my most successful goal category. So um, yay me? But in all seriousness, I need to get back on track, and focus. This next quarter I really need to spend more time trying to improve myself and Miles during our flat rides and work harder outside of the ring to get in shape.


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19 thoughts to “Quarterly Review of Goals – 2014 Q1”

  1. In my experience, once you spend a great deal of money, the spending decreases quite a bit because horse stuff lasts a long time 🙂 Looks like you’re doing well on the goals front! You still have 3/4th of a year left to go, so plenty of time 🙂

    1. I’m hoping that my budget remains somewhat on track after hemorrhaging money on tack, haha! But hopefully even if it doesn’t fully recover this year, next year will be better

  2. Definitely lots of time to go and a lot already getting started/done. I think this super cold weather has thrown a wrench in a lot of folks’ plans.

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