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Quarterly Review of Goals – 2013 Q3

October 1 marks the end of the third quarter of 2013. So far, this year has been jam packed for me, with so many things going on. When I think back to January, it’s hard to believe those moments were all still part of just this year. To me, it seems like every time I stop moving, I’m surprised by how much has happened.
Anyways, I’m sticking to my plan of reviewing my year-long goals each quarter. I started a bit late, so the first installment of this series was my Q2 Review, in which I came to terms with how great of a rider I wasn’t, but I was able to cross a few things off as completed! So let’s see if I’ve accomplished any more since then:

Riding and Showing Goals

  • Attend 5 – 6 shows June-October
  • Attend a show in October
    I accomplished the first goal before my Q2 Review, and the second portion of this goal is in the works! Our plan is to attend a show in mid-October, as my debut with Miles.
  • Improve at each show
    I’m going to go ahead and cross this one off the list as accomplished. I showed Vinnie throughout the year, and we did improve at each show, stretching ourselves by competing in a Handy Hunter class and Equitation. I feel like I’m starting over a little bit with Miles, and I want our first show together to be about figuring each other out, not me riding better than I rode a different horse.
  • Win a chair 
  • Show Diamond
  • Lesson Diamond at 2’6″
    As I said in my Q2 Review, these goals ended up out of my reach this year. But I’m really hoping to rework a few and add them to the list for 2014!
  • Improve my foundation, with equal weight in my legs at all times
  • Consistently keep my core tight
    I’ve definitely improved upon these goals throughout the year, but I haven’t worked as much on my leg strength since I bought Miles. Luckily the 2 Point Challenge just started, so that will be a big help on the leg strength front (see below for my embarrassing baseline!)
galloping chestnut hooves

Personal Goals

  • Stay on budget
    So far, so good! My showing budget looks good, my purchase of Miles was in budget and I’m feeling really good about my ability to maintain this through the end of the year. Of course, my budgets are increasing since now I have to pay for things like board and farrier, but I knew that going into the horse shopping process.
  • Lose 10 lbs
  • Find a diet that works for me
  • Create and stick to a workout plan
    Well, I’ve not lost any weight, but since I last checked in I’ve been working harder on my diet and while I’ve improved, I’m still not quite where I’d like to be. Some weeks late-night snacking gets the better of me, so that part is still a struggle. As for the third goal in this section, for seven weeks I’ve almost entirely stuck to a workout plan, which is much easier when I count then number of times a week I ride. But unfortunately riding isn’t enough, so I purchased an equestrian exercises book and I’m hoping that gives me some extra motivation to hit the gym on days Miles gets off.
  • Visit Atlanta
    Well, again, this has not come to fruition. I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t take advantage of the summer when Sam had time off and we had less financial obligations. Now with the wedding next year, a trip to Atlanta (unless it’s for our honeymoon) will have to be put off for a while. Le sigh.
  • Work on my communication via email
  • Finish Visa’s corner
    I finally finished it! Yay for crossing off a second Personal Goal. And, I might add, that the corner looks fabulous and I’m so glad I did it. In case you missed it, you can see Visa’s Corner in all its glory here.

In other news, I took my 2 Point Challenge baseline last night, and it’s seriously embarrassing:

two point challenge baseline time


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