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Props to IRH

So not to long ago I took a tumble and hit my head. I’m a bit of a safety nut, so I immediately wanted to replace my helmet. I hemmed and hawed over what to do, but eventually decided that with riding roughly five days a week (and not wanting to miss any rides or lessons) I really needed two helmets. So I went to the tack store to purchase a higher-end helmet just for shows, and ended up with a lovely Samshield ShadowMatte that I absolutely adore. It has all the features I wanted: removable and washable liner, hard plastic cover for easy cleaning, venting to help keep me cool and a conservative look for my old-school trainer.

And then life got busy… so my old IRH sat in the back of my car for a week… or two. Oops. But, when I finally got around to sending it back (with a letter describing my accident, copy of my receipt from SmartPak and a check for $110 for the replacement) I figured I just wouldn’t worry about it for a while. Lo and behold a week later I was shocked to find an box from IRH on my doorstep, containing a brand new IRH ATH SSV helmet. I mean, shipping to and from New Jersey took at least a few days, so that means IRH pretty much got my old helmet and issued a new one in less than 48 hours. Impressive!

The replacement cost me less than half of retail, came with a carrying bag and fit perfectly. I spent a grand total of 10 minutes on the phone with customer service to get a replacement number, sent in the stuff and BAM! new helmet for my noggin magically appeared.

You get old photos of me in my IRH because I haven’t been to the barn recently. Bad blogger!

I have to admit, I was geared up for a bit of a fight over the replacement; my accident wasn’t that bad and there certainly was no external damage to the helmet that was immediately visible. But that was certainly not the case, what so ever. IRH was professional, helpful and did exactly what they promised: replaced my helmet I didn’t feel safe wearing anymore.

So props to IRH for standing by their safety guarantee and making the replacement process easy peasy. I’ll definitely continue to buy my schooling helmets from IRH after this experience!

Friends don’t let friends ride without a helmet… or matching pink owl socks.


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7 thoughts on “Props to IRH

  1. I wish I did the same with my old IRH! It lasted many a year! And you’re right! Friends don’t let friends ride without a helmet!

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