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MDC Sport Classic Stirrups Review

Product Review: MDC Sport Classic Stirrup

Product Details

MDC Sport Classic Stirrup
Retail Price: $179.95
What I Paid: $170.95 at SmartPak
Purchased: August 2013

The Review

These stirrups are very traditional-looking, and only upon closer inspection would you notice they are not fillis irons, which I liked. The wide foot bed has a nearly cheese-grater pad that helps keep your foot from moving around, but isn’t as harsh as the full cheese-grater pads, plus they are ever so slightly angled down, to help with “heels down.” The rotating eyelet seems sturdy, and while not hard to move, it also doesn’t feel like it will ever move on its own. Finally, I love the wide foot bed – it really gave me a sense of extra stability, and the pad stops me from constantly readjusting where my foot is in the stirrup. 

I tried all angles of the eyelet (no angle, 45 degrees and 90 degrees), and noticed I liked different variations for different horses. On Vinnie, who is super wide, I didn’t notice too much of a difference, except no pressure across my shins; I never realized that pressure was there until it wasn’t! On Diamond, I noticed the most difference. My right leg is much weaker and on Diamond for whatever reason it basically just hangs there uselessly. But as soon as I rotated my right stirrup 90 degrees, it was flush against her side, and stayed there; I could even push her off the rail using my right leg! On Miles, who is the lankiest of the bunch, I like my right stirrup to be rotated 90 degrees, but my left stirrup rotated only 45 degrees.

On all three horses, I have no more numbness after I ride and absolutely no knee pain. My back pain is also greatly reduced, and I blame the lingering issues there on compensating for poor abdominal strength.

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The Recommendation

Buy them! I was very skeptical at first, but after feeling the difference myself, I wouldn’t go back. They are a little  pricey, but for the look I wanted and the pain-free riding I’m experiencing now, they are totally worth it. I feel so much more secure in the saddle, it’s fantastic! Plus you can tell they are made to last, and while lighter than my Fillis irons, they are not flimsy in the least.

I don’t think these stirrups are for everyone (why fix it, if it ain’t broke?) but if you have any numbness or pain that you want to get rid of, I would highly recommend the MDC brand. These stirrups come in various variations, including black, as well as with rubber pads and even ones with jointed branches, depending on what you’re looking for.

MDC Sport Classic Stirrup

MDC Sport Classic Stirrup









          The Good

          • Excellent Construction
          • Feature-Rich
          • Reduces Pain
          • Classic Style

          The Bad

          • Slightly Pricey


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          9 thoughts to “Product Review: MDC Sport Classic Stirrup”

          1. I’m not one for gadgets, but your review makes me want to try these. I recently ditched my Sprenger “bouncy” stirrups for a traditional (aka cheap) pair and I haven’t tried another kind in years.

            1. I am right there with you about the gadgets and gimmicks; I never would have tried these if I wasn’t having a specific issue. But I have to admit that these have worked as advertised for me!!

          2. Interesting, I am going to share this with a friend who has the same issues. I didn’t think that changing the stirrup would make a difference (save for sizing anyway). A bit more than I would pay for stirrups but if it works?!?!

            1. I agree — I was pretty surprised at how well they worked for me. But SmartPak said they would take returns for up to 60 days, so I felt it was worth a shot!

          3. I have been wanting to try these and your review REALLY makes me want them! I have less of a knee issue than I do horrible leather rubs on my shins. My knees were bothering me a little bit in the past so I invested in “fake” Herm Sprengers, back when Dover was allowed to make their copy look just like the real thing (now they have to put a grey rubber collar on them – mine are black). I love, worship and adore my bendy stirrups – and the real Sprengers I use when I ride my friend’s horse – and do not want to go back to jointless. However, I still suffer from shin rubs and I know the adjustable eyelet on the MDCs would fix that!

            It’s interesting that you have them set to different angles. I guess that is not noticeable (like, to a judge). This is an older post so I’ll have to see if you have continued to enjoy them!

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