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Irideon Kismet Show Coat Review

Product Review: Irideon Kismet Show Coat

Irideon Kismet Show CoatProduct Details

Irideon Kismet Show Coat
Retail Price: $332.99
What I Paid: $150
Purchased: May 2014

The Review

When I started showing again back in 2010 I needed a new coat on the cheap, so I picked up a navy wool jacket on Ebay for $25. I wore it for two seasons and while it was just fine, the construction and fit left a lot to be desired. So I went on the hunt for a stretchy, technical fabric jacket; unfortunately this turned out to be a big more difficult than I originally imagined as many brands don’t carry my size. When I stumbled upon the Irideon Kismet, I was tickled pink: this jacket is everything I wanted and more! The “StretchTech™” soft shell fabric really is super stretchy, more so than the Grand Prix TechLite or the Ariat Triumph I tried on, as well as much lighter and cooler than wool. The fit is spot on and true to size, although I did shorten the sleeves just a bit for my T-Rex arms.

irideon kismet show coat in action

But the best part about this jacket? It’s machine washable [it says “do not dry clean” on the tag!]. I was skeptical at first, but seriously folks it’s true. I threw it in the machine by itself with just a little bit of detergent and ran it on the delicate cycle and then popped it into the dryer for 10 minutes and it came out looking brand new! The icing on the cake, if all the other features didn’t convince you, are the special touches that Irideon added. The outer pockets are real and not sewn shut and one even has a small mesh pouch for lip balm or a keepsake; plus there’s another, larger, mesh pouch on the inside of the coat for treats. Storage? Check. The other fun detail is Irideon’s “good luck charm,” which is a sparkly horseshoe on a chain hooked to the inside of the jacket. Extra Details? Check.

My only complaint is that the jacket seems to bunch during wear. You don’t feel it at all and it’s not bothersome or uncomfortable whatsoever… but it doesn’t really give that clean and polished look in pictures. However, if I’m being 100% honest, I think that the bunching is a combination of my size (which isn’t slender) and the fabric. Pretty much all things tend to be a bunchy on me, especially up top. So don’t take my world for gospel on this issue!

irideon kismet show coat back in action

The Recommendation

If you’re looking for a technical fabric jacket for the hunter ring in a larger size, I don’t think it gets any better than the Irideon Kismet. While I loved the design of the Ariat Triumph, it just didn’t fit me, wasn’t as stretchy through the shoulders and arms as I’d hoped and was a bit too loud for my very traditional trainer. In the end, I’m really glad I bought the Kismet. It’s worn extremely well, kept me from overheating during hot horse show days and is fantastically easy to care for. I’ve been impressed with the fabric, construction and attention to detail and hasn’t shown any signs of wear and tear yet, despite being mashed up into a ball for a week post-show every month.

Irideon Kismet Show Coat

Irideon Kismet Show Coat











            The Good

            • Excellent Fabric (Stretchy & Cool)
            • Machine Washable
            • Lots of Pockets
            • Great Details (Good Luck Charm)
            • Comes in Many Sizes

            The Bad

            • A Bit Pricey
            • Bunches During Wear (But Not Bothersome)


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            15 thoughts to “Product Review: Irideon Kismet Show Coat”

            1. Great review! I have a similar set of ‘must-haves’ for a show jacket, and this one seems to fit the bill. Do you know if they make this jacket for jumpers too?

              1. They make this coat in both black (which is what I have) and navy. Even though I wear it in the hunter ring, I’m sure it would look great in the jumper ring too!

              1. I got it on sale at Big D’s — they had a grand re-opening sale in the Spring, plus I found some coupons to add on top of that!

                And yes, I do think it’s a lot cooler than wool. The fabric itself is thinner, and isn’t as suffocating. I usually can’t warm-up with my jacket on because I sweat to death before I even get in the showring, but I haven’t had that issue at ALL with this coat!

            2. Sounds like a great jacket! It’s always nice to see jackets in technical fabrics and fashionable cuts for those of us who aren’t slender. I’d probably have to get the sleeves shortened too- T-Rex arms unite!!

              1. Got it at Big D’s during their grand reopening sale! And yes, I’ve noticed a significant difference vs. a traditional wool jacket. It’s still a black jacket, but I don’t think it traps as much heat as my old one did.

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