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Horze Leather Largo Halter Review

Product Review: Horze Leather Largo Halter

Horze Leather Largo HalterProduct Details

Horze Leather Largo Halter
Size: Full/Horse
Retail Price: $59.95
What I Paid: $45
Purchased: January 2016

Horze Leather Largo Halter Review

Miles has had the same everyday halter since the day he arrived on the farm for trial: a triple stitch leather halter. He finally broke a piece a few weeks ago (somehow underneath his chin?!), so it was time for a new one. Originally I figured I’d snag one from SmartPak, but they were backordered and I didn’t want to wait. So I went to a local tack shop to look and found the Horze Leather Largo Halter. If I hadn’t seen it in person, I’d never have bought it. I’m generally not usually a fan of the Horze brand. But this halter? I fell in love.

Miles in the Horze Leather Largo Halter

It’s a beautiful, rich chocolate color with padding under the noseband and crown piece. Despite the padding, the style of the halter is more refined than I’m used to. The leather pieces aren’t very wide, giving Miles a wonderful profile when it’s on. The stitching is high quality, and the buckles seem sturdy as well. But the real selling point for me was how butter soft the leather was in the store. I was shocked — it doesn’t look like super quality leather, and typically I’d expect it to need some oiling and conditioning, but it didn’t. AT ALL. I could wrap the leather around my hand in the store, and it was lovely to touch.

Horze Leather Largo Halter holds up well in mud

I found the fit to be true to size. I actually didn’t have to adjust anything on the halter at all to make the fit perfect. Typically on Miles, cob size can be a bit small and horse size can be a bit big. But this was just right for Goldilocks! I like the design as well (although, really there’s nothing revolutionary about it). I like that it has a chin strap as I hate having to unbuckle the crown piece to put halters on and take them off. I also like  that the buckle faces out away from the horse. It’s also nice to have an adjustable chin strap, although I personally didn’t need it.

Horze Leather Largo Halter Product Review

The Recommendation

For the price, I like the Horze Leather Largo Halter. There aren’t a ton of options in the sub-$60 category for leather halters, and none that are padded that I could find in a quick search online. Plus, Horze always has coupons and deals, so you could probably get this halter for even less (making it even MORE attractive). Overall? I’d buy this halter again, provided that it holds up to some more abuse. For an everyday halter, it’s attractive, supple and has all the features I like to see.

Horze Leather Largo Halter Review

Horze Leather Largo Halter

Horze Leather Largo Halter











            The Good

            • Quality, Soft Leather
            • Extra Padding on Noseband and Crownpiece
            • Throatlatch Buckle
            • Adjustable Chinstrap

            The Bad

            • Slightly Shiny Finish


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            9 thoughts to “Product Review: Horze Leather Largo Halter”

            1. Horze has really improved their tack quality over the last couple of seasons! Some of their new hunter bridles are absolutely lovely, soft and supple are a very reasonable price. I’ve been eyeing the Largo halter for my two for a couple of months.

            2. I’ll be honest- the brand name is slightly off putting to me so I haven’t explored their product. Nice to know you’re pleased with your halter (and it looks great on Miles!)

            3. Since I hate change and subscribe the old if ain’t broke don’t fix it adage, I’ll probably never actually get one of these. But it’s really pretty! And Miles looks even more handsome in it , if that’s possible.
              I’ve never tried tack from Horze, but I do have some brushes from them that I really like. I have a few apparel items by them on my wish list too. Nice to hear about a brand improving their products.

            4. I love the format of your reviews. It’s so clean and useful. This is much nicer that I would expect from this brand. If I hadn’t just bought a leather halter, I would be awfully tempted!

            5. Nice review. Looks like a pretty good quality product for a reasonable price. I hate leather halters that are made with cheap leather and I can’t justify dropping $100+ for something better. I’ll have to check out Horze.

            6. I bought a bunch of Horze stuff when they first burst on to the scene and was so disappointed in the leather. I may have to take a second look now though. I would love to get Sydney a leather turnout halter. She is hard to fit too. Horse is just a little too small, and draft or oversized is just a bit too big.

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