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Product Review:

Halter TagsProduct Details Blanket Tags & Nameplates
Retail Price: $5.95 + shipping
What I Paid: Full retail
Purchased: November 2013 & September 2013

The Review

I originally purchased one blanket tag and one bridle nameplate for Miles in November after reading rave reviews online for I didn’t hear much about my order for a while, and eventually called the company, which it turns out is a very small, family owned and operated operation. They were behind on orders due to a family issue, but they rushed my order after my call. Unfortunately, the mail ate my order. So when it didn’t arrive and I called again, Halter Tags rushed a second order and sent it completely free of charge. Talk about fabulous customer service!

The products themselves are gorgeous — the tags and nameplates are solid and not flimsy at all. In fact, it’s almost too thick and solid, as it’s pretty darn tough to shape them to fit the curve of Miles’ head. The engraving is simply gorgeous — deep and spot-on with no defects or mistakes what-so-ever. I loved these nameplates so much, I ordered two more so that ALL of Miles’ tack has his name on it. I may or may not be coveting a new halter nameplate from these folks as well.

Milestone Halter Tag

The Recommendation

Buy it! The only thing that about this product that could be improved upon is the time it takes to arrive. But generally speaking, nameplates and tags aren’t “have to have” items so in most circumstances the wait time shouldn’t be a big issue… but it’s good to know. I absolutely love the style of these plates and the construction is the best I’ve seen. This is a high-quality product that is priced great — and the customer service is phenomenal.

I won’t use any other nameplate company from here on out — has earned my loyalty!









          The Good

          • Exquisite Craftsmanship
          • Gorgeous Construction
          • Good Customer Service

          The Bad

          • Long Wait Time


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          11 thoughts to “Product Review:”

          1. Alas, they only have the 1 color (brass), so doesn’t quite mesh when you have sterling findings on your halter or bridle. Good price, but not a lot of style options.

            1. I asked them about this. They said they had sourced out some silver plated metals but they couldn’t find anything that a) was high enough quality to suit their deep engraving, and b) wouldn’t push the price beyond what they wanted to be asking for their product. I really appreciated their honest reply and the fact that keeping their standard of quality and affordability are both priorities.

              In the end, I got over having a brass tag on a bridle with silver fittings. I’m a VERY matchy person and it hasn’t killed me yet. 😉

          2. When I have a little extra spending money I’m going to “tag it up” with these folks and get blanket tags, martingale nameplate, saddle plate, and who knows what else!

          3. I’m with Sarah, I can’t mix metals. I don’t do brass at all. And for me, the only thing I tag are blankets which I have my friend make who has metal hand stamper alphabet – on silver of course 😉 But good to know in case I need to recommend anyone.

          4. I love those tags and have bunches of them! All of my halters have them as do all of my blankets,event the fleece coolers. The shipping is a bit slow, but the product is well worth the wait, especially given the low price tag. :0)

          5. I really want to get some blanket tags. So many of us at my barn have the same blankets including size it is so easy to get them mixed up. Thanks for the info!

          6. I’m having comment-posting issues today! The internet keeps eating them. Anyway, when I tried ordering from them like a year ago, they used the “family emergency” excuse then. Maybe two family emergencies, or maybe they’re just inefficient, but at any rate, I wouldn’t rate their customer service as phenomenal. Lex’s halter name plate is fine though.

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