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Abraxas Supra Shampoo Review

Product Review: Abraxas Supra Daily Shampoo

So a really long time ago Kate at The Adventures of Lucy held a contest and I won a bottle of Abraxas Supra Daily Shampoo! This weekend I realized that I had yet to try it out, sorry Kate! So I made plans for Sam to accompany to the barn on Saturday for my hack to take photos of bath time with my new shampoo!

After a wonderful ride in which the red mare behaved beautifully and let me adjust my new stirrups (next month’s product review!) a bajillion times, I hopped off and proceeded to the wash stall. Diamond has been having some skin issues lately, including being generally itchy, extra dandruff, as well as some fungus on her legs and face. She’s much improved over the last few weeks, but I was still interested to see how the Abraxas Shampoo worked on her.

Product Details

Abraxas Supra Daily Shampoo
Retail Price: $8.95
What I Paid: $0 (Thanks Kate!)

Bathing Diamond

The Review

I liked the consistency of the shampoo the moment I poured it out of the bottle: not too thick, yet not too thin. It foamed up nicely, and I actually used my bare hands on Diamond’s legs with no adverse reactions — it’s a very mild shampoo which is perfect for this thin-skinned OTTB. Unfortunately, the smell wasn’t anything to write home about. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good, which for a shampoo is a bit disappointing; personally, I enjoy the “smell” of bath time almost as much as I enjoy the bath itself.

At this point, I was on the fence: good consistency, okay smell. I wasn’t impressed, but I wasn’t turned off. Then I rinsed. This shampoo came out with nearly one rinse! I always struggle to get all the suds out, and I absolutely abhor a residue. Abraxas takes all the work out of rinsing and makes it quick and easy. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.

After scraping the excess water, Diamond and I dried off in the grass, beating away the flies (well, Diamond grazed and occasionally looked annoyed, while I ran around fly-swatting for her. She’s not spoiled at all.) As she began to dry, she took on an absolutely gorgeous shine. While she gets excellent feed and grooming, Diamond doesn’t have a naturally shiny coat. I was very impressed with the copper tone after just one brief bath! She was show ready for sure.

I was even happy to note that some of the yuckiness on her face was gone after washing, and she seemed less itchy there. I don’t think this shampoo has any magical fungus-blasting powers, but it seems that there might be some real cleansing power behind the easy rinse and subsequent shine as well.

Diamond drying after a bath

The Recommendation

Try it! FOO approves, with reservations. While I wasn’t impressed enough to use the Abraxas Supra Daily Shampoo all the time, I think for a quick and easy bath at a show, it would be fabulous and will happily keep this in my arsenal. I’m usually bathing at a show by myself and I don’t always have cross-ties, so for me the “quick and easy” perk of this product makes it perfect for this situation — it takes no time at all to wash on and rinse off, plus gives you the shine like you’ve been currying all day, which is definitely a win in my book!

Abraxas Supra Daily Shampoo

Abraxas Supra Daily Shampoo



    Cleansing Power


      Shine Factor




          The Good

          • Good Consistency
          • Gentle
          • No Residue

          The Bad

          • Lack of Smell
          • Slightly Pricey


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