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Printable Stall Card Example

Printable Stall Card

Since my last freebie went over fairly well, I thought I’d try another. This time, I created a printable stall card that you can download and add in your horses’ information! Yup, you read that right — you can type in your own info and voila! you have a beautifully designed custom stall card. I love stall cards for horse shows [I use this very design myself], so that others in the stabling area can contact me during an emergency, or even if they just have a question. At my barn, we don’t bring staff to shows so we divvy up the chores amongst us riders, which means someone who doesn’t usually feed my horse is now responsible for his breakfast, lunch and dinner. To minimize mistakes, I like all of Miles’s info prominently displayed… and I always remind everyone to call for even the simplest of questions. I even like stall cards for home. I think it’s nice to have emergency contact info handy for staff so they never have to go looking for it.

I keep my stall card in a fancy fabric holder my mom made that matches all of my horse show stuff, but you could certainly put this one an everyday clear plastic page protector from your local office supply store or even get it laminated if you so desire. That way it stays dry and clean throughout the show and nobody is caught trying to read blurred emergency phone numbers. Brilliant, I know!

This particular card has spots for your horses show name, barn name and identifying information, emergency contact names and numbers, plus feeding instructions. I also left a section for additional information for any allergies, warnings… or other details I haven’t thought of. It’s currently black and white to be extra printer-friendly. Just make sure to tell your computer to print the card “LANDSCAPE.”

Printable Stall Card Example

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19 thoughts to “Printable Stall Card”

    Thank you so much Tracy, hope to remember to make up one of these for each of my girls before they move back into their stables on the 1st of November. You are so good to share these fab downloadable things with us!

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