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Popular Equestrian Pinterest Boards

When I was wedding planning, I became best friends with Pinterest. At first I found a million photos that inspired me, like color palettes and dress designs but quickly I realized that Pinterest had so much more to offer. DIY centerpiece instructions? You can find that on Pinterest. Advice on picking out which venue to book? That’s there too. Tips on selecting the best photographer? How to stay relaxed on your big day? A wedding budget worksheet? All found on Pinterest. After my wedding, I went through a brief period of Pinterest withdrawal. Now that my big day was over, how would I get to use my this new social media channel? I shouldn’t have worried because there are a ton of great Pinterest boards dedicated just to horses! Here’s a short list of my top equestrian Pinterest boards:

 #1 Best General Equestrian Pinterest Board

Hands-down my favorite all-things-horse Pinterest board is Summer Smith’s “My Dream.” Who is Summer Smith? I have absolutely no idea, but she’s always pinning the prettiest pictures of ponies. And what more could a girl really ask for?! Hunters, Jumpers, Dressage and Eventing are all equally represented as well as hilarious meme’s, inspirational quotes and the occasional “how-to” manual. Seriously, if you’re into horses at all, you have to follow this Pinterest board.

My Dream Equestrian Pinterest Board


#2 Best Equestrian Style Pinterest Board

I cheated on this one, because I literally could not pick just one board. Those who cannot have, window shop; at least that’s what my mother always says. And let me tell you, I do not have enough money to buy all the riding clothing and accessories I dream about. So Equestrian LUX has a few Equestrian Pinterest Boards that are perfect for window shopping all the latest fashions: Competition Fashion, Training and Barn Style and Fashionably Equestrian [for all of your equestrian accessories].

Fashionably Equestrian Pinterest Board

#3 Best Practical Equestrian Pinterest Board

The Savvy Equestrian’s Savvy Horse & Barn Tips Pinterest Board delivers just what it promises: great tips and tricks for horse owners. Whether you’re a complete DIY with an equine in the backyard or a full-service boarder, you find some great ideas to solve many of your day-to-day questions and problems right here. From cleaning winter blankets, to DIY jump cups and homemade coat conditioner recipes, this Equestrian Pinterest board has you covered.

Barn and Horse Tips Equestrian Pinterest Board

#4 Best Equestrian Brand Pinterest Board

Oughton Limited makes unique and fabulous equestrian-inspired totes, handbags, luggage, gifts and more. And let me tell you, they have the best Pinterest account. From fashion to inspiration, this brand has you covered with a multitude of equestrian Pinterest boards. Browsing through their gift ideas makes me salivate and I swoon perusing their “must-haves” list at least twice a week. They have a very active account and are constantly pinning new items — a requirement for a successful equestrian pinterest board!

Oughton Limited Equestrian Pinterest Board

#5 Best Equestrian Blogger Pinterest Board

 The Velvet Rider isn’t one of the most active equestrian bloggers I follow, but her Equestrian Pinterest board is second to none. There’s not a topic she doesn’t have covered, including style, decor, gifts and more. Plus, she’s in the middle of doing a massive giveaway series to celebrate the holidays, so you should really go check it out.

The Velvet Rider Equestrian Pinterest Board

Do you use Pinterest?


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19 thoughts to “Popular Equestrian Pinterest Boards”

    1. It’s been great so far! I even have a secret board for gift ideas for other people… cause I really suck at finding good gifts last-minute and somehow I’m ALWAYS shopping last minute

  1. I never really got it & wasn’t really interested…then I started clicking around just for fun. And there was art. And OMG, I AM MEGA ART SNOB & I LOVE ART. And there was amazing art. That is definitely one of my favourite parts. But the other neat project (which I still haven’t finished, sigh) that I had a lot of fun with was making our board that is Encore’s family tree in pictures — have had so much fun learning some stories I never knew!

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