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Pony Express Blog Hop: Hauling

While I don’t currently own a truck or a trailer, it’s been a fairly frequent topic of conversation in my household. I’d really like to have my own rig one day, for several reasons: (1) ability to go more places (2) come and go as I please and most importantly (3) be more mobile, especially in the case of an emergency. I’ve never wished for a trailer more than when I needed to get a horse to the vet; I hate relying on other people in those situations. Plus, the additional storage wouldn’t be unwelcome either. So when Pony Express wanted to hear about dream trucks and trailer, I just knew I had to jump on the bandwagon. I haven’t done a ton of research on the subject, since it’s not really a viable option for me yet financially, but we all know that I’m an expert “pie in the sky” shopper.

My Dream Truck

Brand new Ford F-350 Crew Cab with a V8 Diesel Engine… and all the bells and whistles of course. Throw in the best towing/hauling package, a rockin’ sound system, touch-screen navigation and those heavy-duty vinyl seats and I’m pretty much never going to go into my house again. Then again, its hefty price tag probably means we’re living out of the car anyways. Oops. All I really know is I want a huge ass truck so that I can not only haul forward, but stop the trailer without worrying about skidding off the side of the road. Plus, we all know how much ‘stuff’ goes along with my horse, so I better opt for more towing power, just to be safe.

My Dream Trailer

So I’m probably never, ever going to own this trailer because it’s crazy expensive… but I do love to dream big! This 4 Star Trailer is everything a girl could want: four-horse head-to-head gooseneck with a massive tack room seriously makes me swoon. Of course I’d need the 28′ x 7′ size [if not larger] for all those big, fancy warmbloods I must be shoving into the back. I also really want a camera [or two] back there so I can check in on my babies during our road trip. Why in the world I’d need a four-horse trailer, I don’t know… but they are pretty awesome.

In reality, I’ll probably get the best used truck I can find, and a solid two-horse trailer… at least at first. Maybe I can work up to my dream rig?

Dream Trailer


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5 thoughts to “Pony Express Blog Hop: Hauling”

  1. I still own and drive my first “big” truck – a Crew Cab Ford F250 Triton V-10 with 4 wheel drive and an upgraded tow package. It’s 14 years old and does an AMAZING job. I just got back from an out town show that requires crossing over a 4,000 foot pass that is STEEP. The whole way home I kept it at 60 mph and never once worried about the uphill climb, or the steep downhill descent. Those Fords will get the job done over and over. Good pick. :0)

    And you never know about the trailer. My very first trailer was a two horse gooseneck with living quarters. I had always planned on a sensible two-horse, but when the time came to buy, we simply went for what I knew I really needed. My SECOND trailer (which I still own) is a THREE horse gooseneck with living quarters. Save your pennies, evaluate your needs, and get the truck/trailer combo that works best for you (even if it IS that 4-horse palace!) :0)

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