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Perils of In-Store Shopping

I hate shopping. Well, at least I hate shopping for normal items like work shoes, jewelry and jeans. I’ve worn the same $8 black flats three times a week for the last year and half. They have holes in the heels, but I refuse to spend $60 on a new pair. And makeup? Forget that. I buy my liquid eyeliner and mascara from CVS. I don’t even think I’ve ever stepped foot into Sephora.

But when it comes to show outfits, or buying tack… that’s a whole ‘nother ballgame. I love to window shop online during my lunch-hour for pretty new show jackets and fancy open front boots I have absolutely no use for. I imagine the feeling of longing I get when I look at a picture of a full-calf 17.5″ CWD 2G is akin to what most girls feel looking at Manolo Blahniks. And online shopping is the best for those of us with not enough cash to purchase, because we can ooh and ahh and look at all the pretty things without filing for bankruptcy.

Plus it’s a lot easier to simply not click the “add to cart” button than it is to physically walk away from a brand new bridle on consignment at the tack store. So generally, my philosophy is to shop online. But every once in a while the devil inside me rears her ugly little shopaholic head and I find myself sitting in front of the tack store.

This is probably where a 12-Step program would come in handy for us Tack Ho’s. Because then I could call my sponsor and they could talk me out of actually walking into the store. Alas, that program hasn’t been set up yet. So when I found myself sitting outside Equus Now yesterday, I walked right in.

I went in with a plan of window shopping for new tall boots and picking up a few essentials. I knew my plan wasn’t going well when I found myself somehow standing in the back of the store in the middle of consignment… oops. Unfortunately nothing there sparked my interest, so I moved on to the bell boots I needed (of course Sir Miles only fits in Beval *face palm*).

But then shit really hit the fan when I was caught by a sales clerk ogling the tall boots. See, mine are starting to get pretty thin on the inside of the calves, and I’m terrified I’m going to rip a hole in them right before a horse show. (I think justification is somewhere on the list of “signs of an addict”…..)

Anyways, Hubby has approved a new pair of SHOW-ONLY tall boots, most likely just to shut me up. But the pair of Tredstep Donatellos I ordered from SmartPak just weren’t quite right. I was waiting on a pair of Ariat Heritage boots on back-order… but of course the clerk convinced me to try the Ariat Challenge boots they had in stock. Of course they’re more expensive than the Heritage line. Of course they are!

Looks even better on!

And of course as soon as I tried them on, I fell in love. The size 9, full calf, regular height were so damn sexy. I looked tall and thin (well, my legs did at least) and I just HAD TO HAVE THEM. And the brand new square toe… omggeeerrdd was it lovely.

And that’s how I accidentally spent more than $500 at the tack store. Moral of the story: SHOP ONLINE if you want to keep some money in the bank.


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22 thoughts to “Perils of In-Store Shopping”

  1. For some reason when I go to a tack store I always feel like I ‘have’ to buy everything I may possibly need right then and there. Like last time I went I went specifically for bell boots (nowhere online sells the boots I like) and ended up spending $130 instead of the $40 i planned. Why? Two new pairs of gloves, SoreNoMore, and one or two other things I didn’t really need but might possibly need in the future. The only problem I have with online shopping is the darn shipping. Usually it’s $9-10 if you don’t get over their ‘ship free’ limit….so I always used that to justify buying enough so that my items do hit that limit and ship for free.

    Definitely a problem.

    Oh yeah – you also can’t let me anywhere near makeup stores. I will spend hundreds of dollars in a heartbeat. Addicted for sure.

  2. I had the Ariat Challenges! They were really nice and wore very well. Daily use had the elastic of mine getting funky and the zipper wouldn’t stay up. I think they were defective though. Ariat replaced them with minimal pain though 🙂

  3. You know there is a new Dover store opening in Cincinnati in July, too. That means I’m smack dab in the middle of Equus Now and Dover. We really should set up a support program or at least a prevention hotline!

    (The boots are very pretty!)

    1. OMG I can’t even talk about it. I’m already planning a day trip when they open! Maybe we’ll have to have a blogger meet-up/tack ho enabling session…….

  4. So jealous that Equus Now is near you!! I subscribe to their emails, which is a HUGE. MISTAKE. So maybe it’s good that I don’t live close by.

    Those square toes are super cool!!

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