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Life Makes More Sense in the Saddle

One Ride at a Time

While most people hate Mondays, I have grown to enjoy them for the sole reason that every Monday night I have a riding lesson. It’s honestly the highlight of my week. Tonight it was just my BFF N and I, which was a nice change from the bigger group lessons we’ve been having lately. She rode Diamond, which was pretty educational for me. I got to see Diamond do the same things to N that she does to m, and watch how she handled [well, really corrected] them and what adjustments she made as we went along. I also evaluated how I would do in similar situations… to which the answer was almost always “mine would not have been that pretty” or “I wouldn’t have known what to do.”

We mostly took it easy, Vinnie had a bump on his right leg, but trotted out sound, plus I was kind of sore [my knees and lower back didn’t feel 100 percent] so it worked out. We practiced some course work — all singles for me and just 18″ verticals, but it went pretty well. I had a few close distances, but I followed Vinnie’s motion over the jump successfully. I also had a few long distances, which I didn’t follow so well BUT there was improvement. Instead of not following and losing my leg and thus getting jumped out of the tack, my legs stayed pretty steady, I just didn’t follow well with my upper body. Improvement!
Life Makes More Sense in the Saddle

In Other News

Outside the land of ponies, the BF’s last final is Thursday, and he will officially be 2/3rds of the way finished with school. He starts a big summer internship the following week and I’d really like to get him something… I’m thinking a nice blue button-up [to replace the one that mysteriously got bleach on the collar] and a matching tie. He’ll have to wear suits everyday, so this is kind of a practical thing, but I think he’ll like it. What do you think?


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2 thoughts to “One Ride at a Time”

  1. 2/3rd’s done with school is great! My husband is 2/3rd’s through a grad school program, and it’s been a bit rough. Light at the end of the tunnel now!

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