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Trial Horse

On Trial

I hemmed and hawed over posting about this. I’m not exactly secretive about my identity on this blog, but just because I choose to make aspects of my life public, doesn’t mean that everyone I come in contact with feels the same. But I started this blog to chronicle my equestrian pursuits, and this is a big deal. So to compromise, I’m going to try to keep certain details to a minimum, to protect the others involved, while still writing about this experience. Hope you all can forgive the secrets. Anyways, on to the good stuff:

I have a horse on trial! I went back and forth all last week between paralyzing nervousness and overwhelming excitement. I’m still fairly nervous (riding a new horse is always a bit scary for me), but I can’t wait to get out to the barn tonight. I have my first ride on Trial Horse (TH) this evening, and I swear if the clock ticks any slower I might die of anticipation!

Throughout this process, I’m trying really hard to take things one step at a time — I’m famous for jumping ahead. In the end, the most important thing is fit: do we work well together on the flat and over fences. Of course, I could probably write a novel on what that means, but I’m trying to keep an open mind. I just need to ride like I always do, and it will either work or it won’t. That’s the purpose of the trial after all!

I’ve never done a trial before, so not only am I excited about the horse himself, but I’m kind of excited about the process. I get to ride more and take extra lessons; I get to spend extra time out at the barn and pamper my very own pony again. I’ve really missed that, and I don’t think I realized quite how much until now. Here’s to a fun and exciting week!


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14 thoughts to “On Trial”

  1. Very exciting! I hope that it works out. I want to know more about trial horse!!! Secrets are no fun. Though I totally understand and respect your decision to stay more private until you know more. I hope your ride went awesome!

  2. Trials are a great way to purchase- in fact I wouldn’t recommend it any other way. When I bought my very first horse, the first horse we had on trial was amazing, but didn’t vet out. I returned him, and ended up with a horse that, in the end, was a MUCH better fit for me, anyway. So it all worked out how it should 🙂 And even if it doesn’t work out with TH, at least you got some good learning opportunities in, and know more of what you want/don’t want!

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