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Ogilvy Half Pad Cover Sewing Pattern from The Printable Pony

Ogilvy Half Pad Cover Pattern

All equestrians love custom items, from helmets to saddle pads and everything in between. Adding monograms and touches of bling, picking colors of show coat lapels and saddle pads are all really fun and make for a cool, personal look for both horse and rider. What equestrians don’t love about custom options is the price tag. For those of you that are a little crafty and a little handy, The Printable Pony is working to make your ability to own custom items easier than ever.

Ogilvy Half Pad Cover Pattern

We just released our latest product: an Ogilvy Half Pad cover pattern. I love Ogilvy Equestrian and I think their products are top-notch, but even ordering a new custom cover for your half pad is expensive (priced at $125 a pop) and the shipping takes forever. Now, you can instantly download a step-by-step sewing pattern that allows you to pick your own fabrics and colors and make the cover yourself for a fraction of the cost!

Ogilvy Cover Sewing Pattern

Plus, for those of us with the now discontinued Hunter Half Pad, a do-it-yourself custom cover is the only option. So save yourself a few extra bucks (more like $120 bucks!) and make your own with The Printable Pony’s Ogilvy Half Pad Cover Pattern.

Ogilvy Half Pad Cover Sewing Pattern from The Printable Pony


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11 thoughts to “Ogilvy Half Pad Cover Pattern”

  1. That awesome! I thinks it’s so cool that you have your Printable Ponies and I wish best of luck with it! The pad cover turned out really great, and the pattern price is really reasonable too.

  2. Needs to be accompanied by how-to videos for those of us with ambitions much higher than actual crafting skill levels haha! I’ve never used a sewing machine – I’m afraid I’ll lose a finger!

    1. The pattern gives directions for tracing the pad you have on hand, so it can be used for all styles and sizes.

  3. This is so awesome! I don’t have one of these to cover so I don’t need it, but I think you’re really onto something here!

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