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Of Course

My weekend, as told by Modern Family…

Woke up Friday and felt a little extra tired and like my throat might be sore. I briefly panicked at the thought of getting sick, on the weekend, with the weather predicted to be 70 and sunny… followed promptly by snow on Tuesday.

Woke up on Saturday and felt more sick… but I refused to succumb to sickness. So I went to my first wedding dress fitting. The seamstress really knew her stuff, and the dress is going to look nearly custom when she’s done with it. Huzzah!

Then my mom and I went out to the barn to visit Miles. Brought him in from the field, and man, he’s been playing hard in turnout! He literally slept through his entire grooming and getting him to do more than a Western Pleasure trot was like pulling teeth.

After that we went home, ate lunch and mom left. And then Sam and I proceeded to crash. Hardcore. And I took a five hour nap. That I never really woke up from. There went my Saturday.

Sunday I didn’t even roll of out bed until after 3 pm. I felt like shit, and I had somehow misplaced my phone… which I still haven’t located. I’m somewhat contemplating taking half a day off work to go take a nap so I can still make my lesson tonight… ’cause I’m the picture of a responsible adult.


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22 thoughts to “Of Course”

  1. Sounds like you needed that 5 hour nap and sleeping in, hope you feel better soon!

    Totally responsible to take half a day to nap so you can lesson 🙂 I approve!

  2. Sleep so you have energy for a lesson versus going to work…. I’m not sure how you’re having a hard time thinking this one through.

  3. I hate being sick when it is so nice out! We’re supposedly getting snow here tomorrow. But back in the 60s by the end of the week so I’m trying not to freak out too much. Hope you feel better!

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