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My Dream Barn

One of the things I like to do in my spare time is look at pictures of massive, eye-poppingly gorgeous barns. You know the ones I’m talking about: perfect white fences, lush green grass and so clean on the inside you’d eat off the floor. I find it fascinating to compare different styles of stall fronts, and I love analyzing tack room layouts. Maybe I’m a freak… or maybe you enjoy taking a peek into how the other half lives too.

First things first: the outside. If I’m talking dream barn, I want massive, impressive and drop-dead gorgeous. I don’t want a run-of-the-mill stable that looks just like every other equestrian facility… I want unique. I think this one fits the bill quite nicely:

Who wouldn’t want to drive up to that everyday?! 

Of course, acres upon acres of rolling pastures are a forgone conclusion. And they’d probably look like the ones above: perfectly manicured and mowed, with big water troughs and run-in shelters for those pesky summer pop-up storms. I could go either way on the fence color, but they’d of course be in perfect repair. There’s nothing worse than broken boards and peeling paint on a fence line.

While we’re still outside, let’s talk arenas. ‘Cause my dream barn has arenas all over the damn place. I want a big ass outdoor sand ring (with that super cool footing they have at the Kentucky Horse Park), a grass arena, a jumping field and whole bunch of connected trails. With hills.

And of course a few indoor arenas wouldn’t hurt either — a bigger one for jumping and a smaller one for flatwork (and winter turnout) would do just fine. Bonus points for sweet architecture and really high ceilings. And I’ll take more of the KHP footing in those rings too.


Since we’ve moved inside, let’s discuss stalls. Now this is where things get tricky for me. I’ve seen so many pretty stall fronts, I don’t know how I’d ever choose just one style. So I guess as long as the stalls are big and airy, I’m happy. My architect can decide on the design — I mean, that is what I’m paying him for, right?

Automatic waterers (heated in the winter), fly spray system and fans in the summer would all be there too… cause ponykins needs to be comfortable! I’d also really like runs off the back with awnings, I think. Miles hates to be cooped up, so maybe some mini-paddock time would help him out. And since the biggest pain about runs is keeping them neat and tidy, with all of my wonderful staff I wouldn’t have a thing to worry about.

Finally… the tack room. There are so many options for greatness here, I’d really have to spend some quality time with the architect again. Although, something like this would do quite nicely:

What do you dream of in your barn? 


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14 thoughts to “My Dream Barn”

  1. I’m in LOVE with these photos! And don’t worry, I totally share your obsession with scoping out the ultimate dream barn myself 🙂

  2. Pretty sure only the other 1% live like that! I would love to have a barn like that. Lately I have been fantasizing about building a barn with the European stall fronts like in your picture and a big cover-all arena. I just love the cover-all arena at the farm that I do most of my showing at. Even when its pouring rain its light and airy in there. The sides roll up a little bit so its nice and breezy. Just love everything about them except for the cost (and they require extra insurance).

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